Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Musim Tengkujuh

Ya, it's that time of the year again. Has been many many years ago, since I experienced the real "bah" (local dialect for "banjir": flood). My house... errr maybe it's time I start to use "my parent house" instead. But it doesn't sound right. bleh.

My house back in the hometown was by the river side. This time of the year always had the adults in the house in apprehensive. But not me, in fact I had secretly been awaiting for this time of the year to come. That was when I was still small. That was the only time, when I can "play water".

Even though our house was just about 200 meters away from the river, I can never get too near to the river, what more to swim in it. The river and it's bank was a forbidden zone for me and my other sibling. That was the decree by my late grand father, and nobody dare to break. Though I have to admit, there are a few occasions in which I did sneak out with some friend to the river bank. Yeah, just the river bank. I don't know how to swim when I was small, and being the chicken shit I am, I wasn't dare to jump into the water without being accompany by any adult.

Anyway, as far as I can remember our house was flooded for not less than 3-5 times. Our house was situated on the higher ground of the village. If our house is flooded, it would mean most part of the village has been well under water. That's why even though the village was flooded like almost two years once, our house was not affect all the times.

The highest the flood water ever experience by me in our house was about 1 meter in the front part of the house, and 1.5 meter in the back part of the house. That was among the most enjoyable flood I ever experience. The whole house is turned into a big swimming pool.

And at night, when the whole village was silence, I can actually hear the water downstair. On and off, there are also sounds of sampan being rowed just outside my house. It was like living in the water.

During that time, my grand parent was still operating a sundry shop. So the upstair was fully pack with all the goods. Boxes are stacked up even higher than me at that time. This is the reason why the adults in the house are in apprehension during this time of the year. They have to move all the goods and furniture upstair. And it's like plenty of goods to moved. I my memory still served me well, the whole moving operation tooks like more than one whole days.

Sometime, we get villager row boat into our shop to buy provision. Kind of funny. Though the stock does deplete a little bit through out the flood, there are still plenty to moved down later on.

For reason unknown to me, the water without fail seems to reside completely out of our house during the wee hours of the morning. There are plenty to be done, during the receeding hours. We have to stir the water in the house, otherwise a feet deep of mud will be left behind, though this I never experienced myself because without failed I was still deep in dreamland during that hours.

Heard over the news just now, the flood are impeding in my homestate if the rain keep pouring. Hopes, my house (my parent house) won't be affected this time round. Though there is less to be worried about the moving the stock, now that my parent has cease to operated the sundry shop, but still there are furnitures need to be moved. And all the cleaning up in the aftermatch of the flood, there are plenty work to be done.

Let's hope that there are less lives lost to flood too this year.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Stupid Me

Normally I would take hot shower in the morning. Today I just feel like taking cold shower, and I did just that. Did some house chores and laundry, and around 11+ am my brother come out of his room. He told me our cousin ajak go play golf in the afternoon. He asked if I am interested. I was planning to go to driving range anyway in the afternoon. And there has been many weekends where the plan to go to driving range, in the end just remain as a plan. Most of the time, I just end up sleepy like a pig in the afternoon.

I need a good workout. I didn't go to gym for like more than three weeks already. *sigh*. So after all this thinking in my head, I open my mouth to tell him I am going. Lo and behold, this is not my normal voice. I sounded like I am having a cold.

Thinking to myself, did I had a cold. Was it because of the cold shower this morning? Nah, it can't be. I have any other cold sympton, no running nose, not even a blocked nose. Okie, let see. What I did yesterday? Nothing special, falling into and out of sleep most part of the day. Ya, I went for company sport's club dinner on friday night. As usual, in event like this the alcohol consumption is a must.

If anyone of you happen to be in Soul Out, that night, pardon our "Yum Seng" and "Cheers" cry. I shouted like mad. I think my stomach is not that well from the previous drinking session, so I play safe and smart, got a little high and luckily not drunk.

So this must be the culprit of my lost voice.

While having lunch, I was thinking to myself. Did I not speak a single word yesterday. I was just lying on cough whole day, but wait. I did speak yesterday night when my brother ask me to join him and other cousins for dinner. I was feeling plain lazy and asked him to tapau for me instead. I remember my voice was fine. So the friday nigth drinking and shouting couldn't be the culprit.

So I was back to the drawing board. Shit! Why? I need to know what caused this lost of voice! Suddenly, I remember. It slips my mind earliear on. Now I remember. I did something stupid while waiting for my dinner to come back last night. My friend brought me a pack of nice tidbit from her trip. I took that, while waiting for my brother to bring back the dinner.

It's consist of ikan bilis and peanut fried with dried chili and some sort of leaf. It's nice. I don't know what got into me at that moment. I saw a piece of whole dried chili and thinking to myself. Why not try it? Yes, it was stupid. I put the whole thing into my mouth and start chewing it like chewing a buble gum. Mmm... it's not hot. After chewing for like half a minute, the dried chili, I managed to grind the dried chili into fine dried chili. And swallow that whole damn thing. That was the moment when it start to take effect.

My tongue was like on fire. Fuck!!! I ran to the kitchen and open the fridge. Took a glass and filled it with ribena and some cold water. Gulp it down, and gargle some. The hot sensation was gone, but not for long! The moment, I finnish the whole glass of ribena the burning sensation on my tongue came back. Shit... it's burning like nobody business. Can't really remember, but I think a little tear probably came out from the corner of my eyes.

I gotta think quick, I should take something else. But I can't recall anything that can be used to remove the hot chili effect. Then I remember the few packet on peanuts. I don't know why I remember the peanut, maybe that's the only think I got left in stock. My tongue was still burning like hell. Only after chewing and taking down half a pack of peanut later did the burning sensation disappear. So I guess the peanut work. So guys, next time you have this kind of accident maybe you can try taking peanut. But I can't guarantee that it will work for you. I don't feel like doing the experiment again, maybe not so soon. Until I carry out this stupid experiment again, I can't really confirm if the peanut really help. If you wanna try, please let me know of the result *grin*.

So there goes my stupid experiment with dried chili, it was crazy and I think it's fun. Heehee...

Friday, November 18, 2005

Vulgar or is it not

Been quite a while since I last deposit any thought here. Did I just say thought? Maybe I tend to overrate myself. heck with that, anyway... maybe this post can be considered as a thought.

Aside from the normal usage of valgarity to curse things or people that we really hate, it seems to me that vulgarity can also be a sign of how close and confortable you are with someone. At least it is for me.

For me, vulgarity is only reserve for two group of people. First group it people who really pissed me off. Which I think the correct usage of vulgarity.

Before I go futher, it seems vulgar have other meaning too (after checking my favourite online dictionary). These are the meaning of vulgar in context of this post:

4 a : lacking in cultivation, perception, or taste : COARSE b : morally crude, undeveloped, or unregenerate : GROSS c : ostentatious or excessive in expenditure or display : PRETENTIOUS
5 a : offensive in language : EARTHY b : lewdly or profanely indecent

Okie now, the interesting part (at least for me *grin*). The second group. You see, I am quite a decent person (one layer of skin just grow on my face). Or to borrow from the definition above, I am a cultured and developed person; at least that what I like ot think of myself as. I don't go around cursing any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Cut short the crap, the second group of people upon whom the vulgarity is inflicted on by me are those that I consider as my close friend. Friend that understand me so much as not to get offended with the profanity or lewdity. So peeps, if I inflict any vulgarity upon you, you should feel honoured as I have considered you to be my close friends.

So this is the kind of crappy excuse I tell myself use vulgarity upon my friend.

Hell, this doesn't even come close to my own standard on how a thought suppose to be written. Got to improve on my writting skill (and thinking skill too). Damn!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Weekend at TM

It has been a while since I last visit my aunt in TM. I mean visit her house. I did meet her from time to time when she came over to visit my cousin nearby my place. I used to visit TM pretty often when I was studying and that was like almost ten years ago... uh.. how time flies. During that time, always brought a week worth of cloth to do laundry there.. heeheehee..

My cousin asked me to go back with them for to have a dinner with them there. Not really for a special occassion, just that they are arrange for a special dishes in one of the restaurant there. Buddha Jump Over the Wall. That's what they told me, I'm not really sure if this is like the one in Nilai. Anyway the taste is... heaven!!!

They ordered four dishes, and there are 9 of us there. The BJOtW was server first, followed by asam fish (not really that good, or it's because I took something really good just now so that anything less that that is no good heeheee...), next come the herbal kampung chicken, not bad. By this time, I'm almost full. Then come the see cucumber with scallops and brocolli, this dish is not bad too. By the time the last dish, taufu, came I was totally full and I didn't even take a single grain of rice. Burp... excuse me... hehee....

The driving was pretty smooth, though like I said before; highway is not winding enough to be enjoyable, except for a brief moment when a small lorry carrying some furniture swerve into our lane. I wasted no time in blowing the car horn. It was mid afternoon, probally the drive was falling asleep. He steer back to his lane almost immediately. Hopefully that honk make him more alert and arrive to his destination safely.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Girls will always be girls

Was driving the girl colleagues out for lunch today. On the way back, they were talking about sun glasses.

H: Why you always wear sunglasses when you are out.
A: My eyes are sensitive towards sun.
H: Ya, I think it's not good to get a direct exposure from the sun light. The UV is dangerous, it will make your skin wrinkle too.
A: Mmm...
H: I think I gotta get a sunglasses for myself too.
J: Yah, you should. Should get the one with polaroid lenses one.
H: Yeah, it should give me a better protection. I wonder how much it cost?
A: I think it's more than RM300 at least...
H: Wah so expensive ar? I think I would rather buy without polaroid lense, but more stylish one lar...
A: ya...

Eh... I thought it was for the protection from the sun and UV and all that? What happen to that now??? I always fails to understand their logic.

pokca: Muaahahaahaa.... you girls will always be girls lar. Haahaaa...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Your zip are spoiled, cannot close!

While getting onto my car to go to lunch today, L run toward my car and said "I want to sit in pokca car. I want sit in front!" What is happening? Most of the time all the females colleague will opt not to sit in the front passenger seat in my car. She want to sit infront?

J her manager asked her, "Why you want to sit in pokca car? There is no zip in his car" referring to an incident in T car the other day. T was in my car too today. "Hey don't you say like that about my car", T retort.

I drove out from the covered car park, and try to turn on my car air condition and the radio. "Nooo... no... don't turn on the aircon and the radio", WTF? What is going on, this is my car wei! She turn off the radio and the aircondition.

"You drive, drive... I want to hear" she said. WTF she want to hear?

"Huh..." She sigh!!!

"Aiya why your car engine so quite one..." she said, and I turn on the radio and aircon try as much to control my handsome. Fuck! Must be about her god damn car again. Yeah, this is the lady who recently bought the same car as mine and same color too mind you. Of all the car and all the color, why the fuck do you have to choose same as mine? bleh... Now, you deserved it.

I have it enough. "I think it's not the car, most probably it's the car driver" I reply in jest. The guy behind start to laugh.

"Aiya... you guys so bad one", she dare not say much and stop at that. Must be she still remember the last trip out to lunch with us.

The other day, she was seating in the back seat with me while J seat infront with T driving.

Out of no where, she suddenly said "T, you zip spoiled already. Cannot close."

T was driving and J pretend to look down at toward T pant's zip?

"Eh, how you know his zip is spoiled already? And it is already zip up, what you mean his zip is spoiled, cannot close?" J trying to tease her.

"Aiya... I am talking about his cd pouch's zip lar."

We laugh, then quiet for a while.

"Mmm... imagine this" I broke the silent.

"What if I manage to record what you've just said and play it to everybody in the office? What you think they will think?" I added.

"Aiya... you so bad" She responded, and start to feel the heat.

All silent again, but I can see big grin on J face and I guess same thing on T face as well. I she must have started to feel unconfortable with our responses to what she had said.

Btw, T is driving same car as mine, and her except that it's different color. So there she goes again, trying to change topic and avoid further embarrassment.

"Huh... your player is so nice. How come yours got "Toyota" printed on the player one?" Another you-ask-for-it question. She just bought her car, and the latest model comes with different, but I think better player. Our radio receiver comes with CD player and cassette player. Who the hell still listen to cassette player nowadays. Somemore the latest player on her car can play MP3 too, and without the useless cassette player. She really ask for it this time.

"Aiya... the player in your car better lar" T responsed. Maybe that's what she wanted to hear.

J pointing and playfully put his finger into the cassette player, and playfully asked "Eh... T, how come your cassette player don't have zip one?" we started to laugh again.

"Why need zip?" T asked.

"To prevent the burger from comming out..." J response. Refering back to T's burger shape CD pouch.

"You sure it's burger ar??? Not sausage ar" I add, and everyone continue to laugh. Well except for her.

"Ya ya... it's a sausage and don't forget the two meat balls too that will come out!!!!" T quipped. All the hell broke loosed, we all burst into big laughter again. She probably felt like jumping down the car there and then.

On the way back, there were only three on us in the car. She decided to follow another colleague's car back. Muuaahahahaaaa....

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Spooky Dream

Yeah, some people like to call it nightmare. It has been pretty long since I last had a spooky dream, I can't remember when was the last time. This dream that I had this morning seem so real, and I was panting when I woke up in the middle of the dream. I drolled on my pillow too, so sue me :P

Anyway, I saw my late grandfather in the dream. I can't remember exactly where and how it got started, what I can remember is I was visit a someone I knew from somewhere, except that I don't know who he is. I don't remember I see his face in the dream either. It was somewhere in an old housing estate, a hilly area.

I think was there to fix an electrical appliance or maybe computer. I can't really remember exactly what it was. Once that has been fixed, I was shown down a stair to go back. It was a wooden town house. The unit was on the first floor, and the stair case was at the outside of the house.

When I was walking down the stair, the whole palce suddenly turn into deafening silent. The man who was just one moment ago so talkative turned quite. I started to sense something was amiss, like he knew something will happen except that he wasn't telling me and I wouldn't dare to ask.

The moment I stepped onto the ground, there "she" was. A lady, without the upper torso. Just from the waist down, and "walking" backward across my path, in front of me. I wasn't so alarmed at that moment. First thing came to my mind was Emily in the Corpse Bride, except that its skin colour was not as pale. The color of her skin was more alike to most of the mannequin in the shopping mall.

Out of nowhere the guy snatch my right hand, and run. I have got no choice but to follow him. He then let go of my hand, but still I was running after him. This was a hilly area you see, and the trails that we took are all uphill. So there I was running uphill and panting at the same time. We ran through some bushes and low growing schrubs. In no time, we were in a house. I can't remember exactly how we got into the house. It was an old colonial type wooden house, with yellow and brown colored wall. Like those old quaters that you see in at the old KTM stations (are they still around).

There was an old man sleeping on the sofa. I knew this man, I was talking to myself. He was my late grandfather, and I casually told the guy it was my grandfather. The guy told me his is the teacher teaching in this school. From what I know my late grandfather never been a teacher in his lifetime.

Anyway, I guess we must be in a school quater or something like that. I woken up my grandfather, and he wasn't surprise I was there. I asked him where he stay, he told me his house is not far away and pointing toward the direction of his house from the window.

I told him I am going to send him back, and out of sudden the white curtain over the windows of that place were being blown inward by a big gust of wind. I started to get spooky all over again. The guy rushed to the stair. Yes, it's like a malay house, lifted up about three feet above ground. My grandfather follow suit and I followed my grandfather down the staircase. Or I walk down first, follow by my grandfather I can't exactly remember. It was blurry.

The moment my foot hit the ground, suddenly I saw and felt a lady hand catch hold of my right arm again. This lady was standing in between the guy and my grandfather. I can feels that my grand father and the other guy was trying to save me from the grips of the lady. I can't see her face, it was covered with scarf (or is it kain sarong). I was struggling to escape...

Then and there, I was snatch away from the dream and woke up. Panting and drolling on my pillow. This was spooky, the room is still dark. I touch the pillow, the spot where I droll was wet. In in the state of daze and spooky, I run my right hand to the top right corner of my bed looking for my handphone, to find out the time. I feel my right hand being "touch" by something. Damn it was so spooky, I was still panting from the struggling in the dream. I stopped for a moment to recollect, to make sure I wasn't in the dream still. Shit, it was the corner of my pillow touching my right hand!!! Then I look a round the rooms, I get a little bit scared, recollecting what just happened to me in the dream. It took me couples of minutes to recollect that it was just a dream, and calm down from the panting and went back to sleep again.

Actually before I sleep again, scare as I was, I was still kinda hoping that I will continue the dream again. I was curious about a few things, certain unexplainable feeling, which I hope will be answered if I can finnish the dream. It wasn't happening. When I wokeup again the next time, it's already in broad day light. Is my late grandfather trying to tell me about something? I wasn't sure, I wished I can go back into the dream again and asked him. I know it sounds silly, I am just curious.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Slow is the progress

Wasted one full day for the recovery yesterday, I guess if I try hard enough, I would be able to at least do a little bit of laundry or take down the curtains and stuff it into the washing machine. Yet, as usual being sick is very convenient excuse to just lie down on the couch for most part of the day. Drifted between concious, unconcious and somewhere in between for most part of the day. Not forgetting the frequent visit to the loo. I must have frequented the loo as many times as, if not more than, my whole two weeks visits to loo during my normal days.

Cleaned up my room, an little part of the dining room today. Just lazy around for most part of the morning, and not until afternoon did I start to move my lazy ass of the couch and start to clean up my room. Washed my room curtain, as well as the living room's curtain. Can't remember when was the last time I put those into the washing machine. I guess it must have been long enough, long enough for the wasp to build it nest on it.

Washed the bed sheet and all the covers, all the cloths too. Moved whole stack of books which spews on the floor of the room, as well as couples of old newspapers. It's a little late to start vacumming the floor now, and as usual it's not fun to do things that I am suppose to do. That's explain why I am typing this post now. It's always fun to do thing that you are not suppose to be doing ain't it. So sue me :P

Was watching a chinese movies on atro while I was folding the clean laundry just now. I was contemplating to going out for a workout, at the driving range, and shop for groceries on the way back. The provision at home is already dangerously low. Not feeling like having the instant noodle or the instant poridge that I has been having yesterday. The movies was about chinese cooking, The Feast. Been a long while since I last prepare a proper meal for myself. I cancelled the plan to go out, and soak the beehoon. Yes, I prepare fried beehon for my dinner. No more vegi left, only some dried prawn and last portion of mince meat left. That's all I have and can put into the fried beehoon. Not exactly a supre tasty, but still okie. It should taste better if there is a vege.

Better get back to continue my tasks, still plenty still and tomorrow is already sunday. Damn... don't think I will be able to finnish all by tomorrow. At least gotta clean up this place first, and gotta go stock up the groceries tomorrow. Gotta start a little bit on the membership system too.

Friday, November 04, 2005

I am totally fucked up!

I am totally fucked today! Actually it started last night. I went to the wedding dinner, in one of the hotel in town. As usual, you shouldn't be puctual to a wedding dinner even thought it has been stated in the invitation card to be punctual.

It is stated 7:00 pm on the invitation card, and not want to be there early and waiting no end for the meal to be served I make plan to arrive there around 7:30am. Don't want to be too late too. Anyway, I couldn't get a parking in the hotel, it's full. So I have to park in another building which requires me to walk for like 15 mins to the hotel. Anyway, the delayed was just nice. The moment I was there, most of the colleagues are there. They just arrived too.

Beer was served while waiting for all the guess to arrive, and while waiting for the meal to be served. My estimation was, if the first course is served by 8:30 pm that should be pretty good already. I was pretty hungry. As it turned, only another 45 mins passed 8:30 pm did the first course was server. Ooorrggghhh.... and being in the same table as all the alcohol ghost. By the time the first course was served, I have gulp down almost two mugs full of beer. With empty stomach, siao. Even before the first course was server, the waitress told us two barrel of beer has gone, when we asked for another refill. Next comes the brandy and whisky.

Actually at 8:30pm, as has been the norm nowadays a power point presentation was played (well few previous wedding dinner I attended, play the presentation on halfway through the dinner). Maybe they try to be a little different.

Anyway when the meal are served I tried to gulp down as much as possible to neutralise the alcohol. I don't think it work. During the dinner was served and while waiting for the groom and bride to come to yum seng at our table, we managed to rehearsed at least three rounds of yum seng ourselves. I lost count on how many brandy and whisky I gulped down. What I remembered was, I was being frame once. I am not sure by who. I gulp down one shot off brandy, and put down the empty glass and out or no where there appear another shot of it infront of me. Damn!!!

That was just the start, after the dinner they are going for second round. Shit!!! I was already drunk, and still they want to go for second session. These alcohol ghost are real crazy! So I went for another session with them. On the way there, I stopped at a petrol station and puked as much as I can. There goes the last course of the dinner.

I was the first to arrived at the bar, and there again I went into the toilet to have another round of puking... and this time the second last course came out too. I was fucked, and still am now. I took a few shots, before the whole mayhem end. Well, that's what I thought.

Got home! Straight away hit the sack. I don't know what time was it when I first woke up. I feel sick, and cold. Went straight to the bathroom and puke again... and add to the injury, my stomach is not too well. Fucked! I have a diarrhea. Shit... damn watery shit. The food all comes out from both of my orifices top and bottom. Then and there I know I am totally fucked. To make matter worst, I caught cold when I was in the bathroom. My nose was blocked, I had to breath through my mouth for like at least 20 mins when I went back to bed.

I thought the worst was over. But that was just the begining. I had a few more puking and watery shit session right through till daylight comes. I must have lost lot's of water, yet I can't take a plain water in that condition. I make me wanna puke when I gulp down few sips of plain water. Ribena was all gone. Fuck!!!

I boiled water and make a lime jus. Luckily there was a few limes my mom packed for me during the last trip I went back to hometown. Prepared the lime jus, accompany with a little chant and gulp it down. I must have been around 6-7 am. Only after having the just did I managed to go back to sleep.

Today, whole day I am still fucked. Headache, diarrhea, cold, and that sensation of feeling like puking hounted me till now. I am sick, and totally fucked! Been a long while since I have been this sick!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Haloscan Installed

I have installed the commenting and trackback to this blog and effectively the old comments is no logger viewable.

Alone in house now. My brother, left for my auntie house just now and he be joining them back to hometown tomorrow morning. Yes... I am alone in the house now... sob.. sobs...

I have plenty to do this few days,

o Sign-up and install haloscan
o Clean the kitchen
o Clean my bedroom
o Clean the livingroom.
o Shit... basically I have to clean the whole house... oorrgghhh....
o Read.. read... read... ya ya... gotta update myself on the latest technology so that our system is not left behind and gotta create new solution and intro to the market
o Starting writing the membership and receipts collection system for one of the NGO in my hometown ya... got this assignment when I went back last week
o Comes out with a new team structure, for my team at work. The team has grown big enough to necessitate a delegation mechanisme, or I will be the bottleneck to everyone
o Attend a wedding dinner. Orgghhh kena saman
o Groceries shopping... Orrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhh...... last drips of ribena left in the bottle

Oorrghhh... a long list. Hopefully I can get beyond procastrinating self to get these tasks done before this comming monday. Wish me luck!

For those that celebrate the Hari Raya (effectively means all Malaysian), Selamat Hari Raya!!!