Wednesday, May 07, 2008


A dear friend sometime ago asked me to update this blog more frequently, as she sometimes drop by here for a dose of inspiration entertainment. Other's misfortune can sometime most of the time be a good source of humour. As of writing this, yours truly is having stomach discomfort from stuffing moi ugly face with 2 days worth of matters that will eventually turn into powderful fertilizer. Me eat plenty when me depressed, bleh. That's a humour for you, wherever you are.

Probably this is pay back time for having too much fun pranking one of our gulliable drinking mate for the past few weeks or was it months. Karma can be a bitch sometimes.

Leaving the bag in the car boot is safe!

Guess what's that? Yeah, that's one of our pranks on this unfortunate friend. We borrowed some dice shakers (dunno what the correct term, bleh) from the pub and stuffed it into our dear friend notebook bag. This particular night, we decide to leave our notebooks in our boss car boot. Our dear friend thought it he can avoid being prank by leaving the bag in the car. When he took his bio break heading to the gents, we slipped out of the pub and carry out our harmless prank.

That was not the first time, mind you. He has been the target of our prank for like countless times. Usually we head direct to the watering hole right after work, and most of us would carry the notebook with us, and make it a point to not leave it in the car. In the pub/bar we would normally put the bag under the bar table. Wherever his was not paying attention or went to the gents, we would "borrow" a thing or two and stuffed them into his notebook bag.

We can't understand why he is so pissed to the extent that one time he use genitalia to scold us in a sms message when he discovered one of our prank where we smuggled few dices, one beer glass and a tidbits basket into his bag when he went to the gents. What tickle us even more was, that particular night, he put his notebook bag on the bar stool when he can always kept an eyes on his bag. He was so alert that night that I had to resort to asking him to "teman" me to the gent which fortunately he complied, and leave the other friend to carry out the act. As usual, the more pissed he become the more hilarious we find it to be. This is the sort of fun we have on his expense *evil grin*.

He is a nice chap, hardly utter a single vulgar word when scolding us. The most threatening line from him went something like "I will remember you!" or when asked what would he do if we will not comply to his request, he would threatens us with "if you don't, then I will kiss you!" *with threatening tone*.

It was fun carrying out this harmless prank, but the best part was yet to come. The best part is the after-shock the next day or days, whenever he finally notices the foreign objects in his bag. Not just that, like this particular prank, he was to have a meeting with our bisness partner at their place the day after. We can't stop laughing when he told us during that meeting, he discovered the dice shakers in his bag and not wanting to invite funny expression and question from the fellows partner in the meeting, he ended up taking note on the old style notepad. LOL.