Thursday, September 13, 2007

Customer is always Right! ya rigghtttt....

Ya... am back here again, after a year has passed. The partner which brought us here the last time around trying to screw us up, by attempting to bring in another vendor to replace us. Fortunate enough, we manage to wrangle the deal back, and here we are deploying the expansion on our own. Well, none the better than last time around. Then partner too was just another bugger that add not much value and in fact to certain extend screwing us.

As expected, it's not an easy project to deliver. What more when we are given a very tight dateline to race against. The customer was trying to launch the upgraded service in time for the festive Eid by the end of the fasting month. Not much room for delay, and not even have rooms for buffer.

As usual, it's not easy to work with different departments in big organization. Each trying to protect their balls. They are always right!!!! Customer always right!!!! It's can never be their fault, always ours fault.

Their PM can't get their own people to deliver something for us to carry out our work, we are supposed to help him fight with internal people. We have again and again told and reminded them what we need from them to deliver our work, and at any moment, still they can come back and f*cking tell you that it's your f*cking fault that you are not reminding them enough. So... yah.. it's our mistake.

It's pretty obvious that I will get struck here longer than I have initially planned.

== End of Rant ==

Brought out by potential business partner for a feast dinner just now. Yeah!