Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunset - Body of Water

I was starting a new programming project when I looked out the window and saw this. So as usual, it's always fun to leave aside important stuffs and do something completely useless instead :-P.

Came across this too during the dusk yesterday, but due to some reasons, I didn't manage to follow up and get some nice shots.

After contemplating for a while, for which I understand very well the scene like this will not last very long. The window of opportunity to snap this kind of scene is very short, thus the timing is very important. And location, location, location.

Obviously my apartment's windows is facing north east. I either scrap this chance again to drag my sorry ass out. Since it's fun to do useless thing, I decide to go up to the highest floor of the apartment and see if I can have any good view from the corridor. Unfortunately, the view is less than what expected.

The next best thing I could do is to go all the way out of the apartment to a nearby spot, which I noticed could be a good spot to snap the sunset yesterday.

True enough the sun is setting fast. All I manage to grab from the top of my bike is the picture with the sun setting over a distant hill.

If I was faster by maybe 2-3 minutes, probably I could have a better shot. The moment I stop my bike, don't even have time to properly set my camera. Just turned the knob to auto-everything. As it is with Nikon D40, the exposure is more on the overexposed side, and not up to my preference.

Okie enough of the babbling, I'll let the photo do the talking :-P

Ride a bit further on a recently completed tarmac, don't know what for. Could be a new development coming up soon.

The red sky over an artificial "hill", mmph.. well just a pile of soil at a construction site.

I like this best! Snap plenty of photos over this body of water. Low light, without VR lense and sans tripod, most of the shot are just craps.

Wasn't too happy with this shot either, could be better if there was a tripod.

Crescent moon with nice blue back drop. Yeah, the little dot is moon. How nice if I have a tele lense ;-)