Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pyschology of Insecure and fear

I've just got back from the uncle pub which long has not been visited. If we need a reason why we should go out drinking tonite, I can list a few.

  • Long trip to Dhaka, and the successfully (sort of) completed the assignment.
  • The colleague who joined us in Dhaka last weekend, have just finished the second course of his stomach ulser treatment.
  • Tonight is the last day one of the singers will be singing there. She is quiting the singing job for property agent job.
Just when we were about to call it a day, my boss and another colleague turned up in the pub. So there goes my plan to come home earlier. We had another 2 jugs of beer and I was really hope that was the last jug. When we all finished our last glasses, a colleague pick up his bag, and then my boss said "one more for the road."

That was when the light in the pub was being turned on. Since I haven't been there for like 3 months, I thought they have shorten their operating hours. Only later did I aware about the raid when we saw some plain cloth policemen collecting identity card from the patron.

This gonna be a long night. The last time the pub we visited was raid, we had to wait for not less than 4 hours go get out from the pub. Efficiency was never in their dictionary, and I have the feeling that for certain reason the slowness is intended.

Anyway, on of the colleague was pissed off with the raid and start to behave naughtily and irritated the policemen. At first I thought nothing serious will happen. Unfortunately, he managed to irritate the policemen to the point where the raiding team decide to retaliate. Instead of conducting the urine test in the pub as is the normal SOP, they decided that all of the patron will be brought back to City Police HQ for urine test.

Obviously this supposingly were to be the "punishment" for the action of my colleague. His irritation ranged from urging the policemen to quickly start the procedure, asking to be allow to be among the first to get the urine test, snap the photo and video of raiding team with his camera phone. All of which I don't think break any law.

We calm the colleague down and all the patron including us were brought to the police HQ by Black Maria. At least one of the policemen doesn't seem to have EQ in conducting his work. He is still not happy with the antic of my friend, made it clear to everyone on the Black Maria that the reason why we were "punished" was because my friend was taking the picture of them, threw some stupid remark to provoke my friend, who by the time was already calm. If my goldfish brain serves me right, it goes something like, "Itu lar, belajar banyak sangat. Sikit-sikit tangkap gambar mahu buat komplen."

Poor insecure chaps, very obvious he is afraid of the being complained. If I were to do my job well, and public is taking picture/video of me doing my job well I would be proud, instead of turn into rage and resorted to childish action of giving out this kind of "punishment". What is there to be afraid of if one done his/her job well and above the table?

The usual sop for urine test took place at the police HQ. And as expected, it took not less than 3 hours to complete the test for about 60 persons.

I were expecting for the worst, they could try to make our life hard. But fortunately it was just SOP of urine test. When we got up into the black maria, some of the patron were still on their way up. Just for fun, I took out my SLR from my working bag. And snap three friends sitting on the wooden bench in the black maria.

Again, the policeman wasn't happy and use this opportunity to lecture and challenge me to retaliate. I keep a smilling face when he throw out all of this insecure comment in rage. In the the Black Maria was pretty dark, and I am not sure if he can see my smilling face. I hope he did :P

"Tak habis-habis mahu angkat gambar. Tadi dekat atas diam macam tikus. Suka sangat ambik gambar, nah kalau berani angkat gambar saya sekarang." He was standing up at the entrance of the steel cage. This goes one even when the Black Maria has moved, and he kept pouring out his rage and challenges for like another 5 minutes at the very least.

I was enjoying the moment. I know how it like to be in rage. How despite being in rage and thought that we are in control, and if you ever observed yourself in rage you can almost felt that your heart is being squeezed tight, and it's not a comfortable feeling. Poor chap, I hope he don't have high blood pressure, and pass out or drop dead in the Black Maria from his rage.

When we finally arrived back at the pub, I have already came out with a plan. I was going to walk up to him and show him my smiling face, and that could pissed him off further. As what I thought, I was the last one to get down from the black maria, and there he was standing just about 3-feet away. At that moment, I was thinking should i just let it go or go on with my plan.

In the split second, I decide to be naughty and pissed him off further. Just when he saw me come down and walked behind my boss, again he challenged me to take his photo. I walk up to him and give him a smile, which I guess piss him off further.

My boss who was walking beside me want no further trouble, put his hand on my right shoulder and pull me away from the policeman. We walked away and me feeling satisfied to at least be able to take revenge for my friends by pissing off the policeman knowing very well that we did nothing wrong. All he can do was to provoke us to make mistake of which we are not so stupid to make.

The friend and me had a good laugh on our way to pick up our car. If he think he can strike fear into us with his lowly words, I had to say that he is not too smart and maybe I should really write a complaint just for fun sake about how the tax I paid is being wasted on paying incompetent and childish policeman like him.

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