Sunday, January 28, 2007

NightOut from Hotel

Ever since I arrive here almost one week ago, I have never really step out of hotel for dinner. Today, we got back to hotel earlier than usual from the site. So decided to venture out from hotel for dinner.

We ended up in Bukhara, a restaurant serving local and also Thai food. Seems like Thai food is pretty popular here, at least all the restaurants which we have been to, seems to have some Thai dishes on their menu. It wasn't being plan, well we don't really have any plan actually.

Saw some shops while in the Micro-Bus (we call is Van in Malaysia) on the way back to hotel. So we head toward that direction. As usual, there are kids, carrying infants, begging for money from us. This is normal occurrence, it's pretty easy to single us out from the local, obviously.

Any moment, we are out on the street, there will be a bunch who will follow us and beg for money. Their modus operandi is pretty similar with what we see in KL (sometimes) too. Carrying an infant and small kiddo. I know it's pretty bad make a joke out of this, but I can help it and amused when I notice that on Friday (their off day here) we didn't see them on the street and we can walk without being trailed to the restaurant for lunch. Seems like they too work like us, in fact better than us. Even them have one off day per week. The team and me has been working everyday since the day we arrived, and this will continue till we manage to get all the system up and running. Not that I complain though.
The kid was still begging and trailing me when I was taking this picture of the fruit seller, while we were only aimless evening stroll. The picture has been crop because I have not time to think of composition and framing when the rest of my colleagues was like 10-20 steps ahead of me, and anxious that the kid my turn rowdy and do more than tugging at my shirt.

This kids and the rest surrounded me once they saw I was snapping away with my camera. The rest of my colleagues were still at least 10 steps away and pretty amuse seeing me being surrounded by the kids to have me take their photos.

That's the problem with having SLR, even though my camera is already one of the smallest SLR in the market, somehow I still feels it's pretty intrusive and attract unnecessary attention when I am shooting away. Especially which such an enthusiastic subjects. It's pretty hard to get a candid shots, of which I preferred than the manufactured unnatural pose.
This guy specifically requested me to snap his pictures, and by this time more and more started to surround me, and I had decided to make a quick exit. By the way, I haven't seen the men here holding hands crossing or walking along the road just as yet.

I didn't really notice neon sign until last night. For the first few days, I thought the name was Blue Ocean Tower. Hairy Ocean Tower