Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stomach full no-work-do

Well... I was planning to carry out some programming work, yet as usual, after a glutton that had just remained as a good plan (and no execution). So it's not exactly no-work-do, but isn't it fun to be doing other useless thing when you are suppose to do a real work :P

Note: Please do not scroll down further if you are in office or other open place, and do not want to risk getting a WTF!!! expression on your colleagues or worst your boss face. Don't say I never warn you :P

Was chatting with a friend when somehow a topic of eunuch surfaced. At first mentioned, I was pretty sure that an eunuch (chinese imperial court version, not the western version) lost their birdie. This perception formed based on my logic that the reason why their birdie is being externally preserved is to prevent them from having fun with the court consorts, princesses, even queen and other female helpers. Not so sure if their ball is left hanging there or not though.

But first check in wikipedia somehow discounted my presumption. It is mentioned that castration only involves removal of the balls.

Yet just now, while being lazy (but not exactly have nothing better to do) and out of curiosity did another search over google. And this is what I have found. Obviously the wikipedia is referring to the western version of eunuch (casterati being one of them). And from my futher research just now, also found out that there were more than one version of eunuch.

Some parted with their birdie voluntarily. One of the reason for this voluntary "external preservation" is being lazy to find other strenuous work. Hmm... ya ya... I know I am lazy, but don't think to the extent of willing to be parted with my precious :P

So the answer to my question of do they just lost their ball, just their birdie, or both is both! Ya evidently from the picture on the right, it very obvious that they lost both. Ouch!!!

* the picture is externally linked from the original source from this article.

Okie that is all the sex education (err... can this be even considered a sex education at all, or should more accurately labeled as sex-less education? :P) this time round.

Sekian. Terima Kasih!

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