Sunday, December 17, 2006

Horses Bath

Spend a good half part of the afternoon giving an annual bath to my horses, and a good wax too. The older fellow has pretty much been neglected for a long time. My bad. Maybe I should blame it on the weather for not being consistent, thus discourage me from taking the old fella out to work. Good excuse? No?

I can't even remember when was the last time I gave the fella a good bath, not to even mention a good wax.

Partly bogged down by guilt and a little incident I had last week while brought the older fella out to buy the LCD filter for the cam. Stopped the bike in front of a camera shop, and walked in while I was still my helmet. There was an Indian customer in the shop, and he was on his way out when I got into the shop.

A little while later he walked back in.

The Guy: Hey, itu you punya motor ka?
Mana: Ya.
The Guy: Mana you biasa kasi service itu motor?
Mana: Kawasaki.
The Guy: Saya juga ada ini macam punya motor, tapi ada itu part sudah rosak. Mana boleh dapat?
Mana: You pergi Kawasaki lah.
The Guy: Sudah lama you tidak pakai itu motor ka? Mahu jual ka?
Mana: Takde, tak mahu jual.

I wouldn't blame him, there was like an inch of dust covering the bike. If my grandma were to see it, she would have said so dirty until can't even recognize it as a bike (in our hokkien of course) :P

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