Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Toy

After contemplating to get a dSLR for a couple of years, and waiting for it's price to came into my budget bracket; finally got meself one today! Yeeepiii!!!

Being the lazy person that I am, the conventional SLR that I own isn't just cut it. Each photo development requires at least two visits to photo shop, not to mention the cost. In fact I think there is still at least a roll of film which has been taken more than 4 years ago still lie somewhere in on of my drawer somewhere :P

Can't denied that the very positive review I have follow here ever since Nikon officially announce the release few week ago have a great influent in me deciding to get this good shit. Found out that it has been on sales in US starting last weekend. Yet visits to a few shops in the vicinity of my house proof to be disappointing. The hopeless shop keepers don't even know when will this camera will be available in Malaysia.

Ever since then, almost everyday I will go through a few local internet photo forums group. Finally last night, saw a post that mentioned this camera has finally available in J-One, AmCorp Mall. Immediately, after settle some pre-scheduled task this morning, I head to the shop before the stock run out. There it was sitting in the display cabinet without price tag yet, as Mrs. Jason was just about to put on the price tag when I inquire about the price.

It took less than 1hour and 30 mins to fully charge the battery. Still trying to get used to all the control buttons and menu though. Wheeeee!!!!