Saturday, November 18, 2006


While supporting my colleague in Pakistan, in between waiting for him to response to me, I have finally give a face-lift to this blog. Not very much though. Oh the good news is, just now, I have managed to guide and assist him to complete the last tasks among all the critical tasks that he need to complete, before he comes back tonight.

Added the flickr flash thingy on the sidebar. Actually until last night, I had given up on flickr because I am too lazy to upload the photo one by one. I only discovered there is a tools I can install to upload the photo to flickr in a more user friendly way. Ya ya... maybe I am the last person on earth to have just discovered that. I guess this tools has been around for sometimes. Before this I was just too plain lazy busy *excuses* to explore and looking for it.

Okie... I guess I better go out and get my dinner now. It's almost 9:30 pm liao :(