Sunday, October 08, 2006

Gone with the Wind

The past two weeks has been sort of like a roller-coaster week. So many uncertainty and so many crisis. By now some has settled, some are still in wait-and-see situation. Just hope good things will come out of this. Please be warned that this is not a post, but a rant.
The team member who has been giving me problem has finally made a move. The HR informed he has submitted the resignation letter, while I was away in Pakistan last month. And I was informed by my boss, that he has accepted it. So next week will be the last week he will be with us.
My boss wasn't too happy with the pressure that I put on both him and the guy. After a few failed attempts to communicate with the guy, I have no choice but to hand him in to my boss. Initially my boss still try to convince me that he can talked some sense into the guy.
He is my boss legacy. Hired and look upon highly by my boss. I don't have the patient anymore. So many chances given and so many screwed up over and over again.
As much as possible, I tried to assigned a team member to tasks that they like and are good at. Yet there are exceptions and this is not a given right but a privilege. Futher more it has to be a two ways give-and-take, not a one way street. Everyone in the team has to be treated as equal as possible, and of course also by taking into consideration their role and performance. If one cannot agree to this, then I don't think he/she fit into the team.
Yet, my boss sometimes can be too romantic. I won't blame him, I am well awere that he has a certain history with the guy. But yet I can only tolerate up to certain extends. If his antics only effect me alone, I think I won't be pressuring and pestering my boss so much. Every time he created a mess, I have no choice but to ask favour from other team member to clean up after him.
Still my boss was telling we can't treat a friend like this. Well no doubt he is also my friend. But for me, a friend do not purposely or at least try no to create trouble for another friend. Well that may explain why I don't have many friends :P. Friendship is a two way street. The keyword here is be fair, and there nothing I can do that is my inherent weakness. Or if you want, you can blame it my my star too - Libra.
Anyway after a certain incident, my boss finally has to agree with me. Despite that his still not a cold-blooded as me :P.
* * *
There is also another legacy staff in another team, which I just heard will soon be gone too. I have a fair share of experience with her too. A supposingly a senior, who once even held even a management post.
Just recently, her department team head was seeking an advise from me for a certain project.
I gave my advise and suggestion. Well aware that she is suppose to be the so called IP Networking expert, and to save her some face after she can't give any suggestion, I made a recomendation which I said upfront that I don't even sure will work. IP Networking is not my current core field, but I think I understand it enough and even more than the so called networking expert.
Anyway, I was suggesting the team to tried out my suggestion because I wasn't sure if it really work. Her head assigned her to test out my recommendation. So I explain to her what need to be done. Only the next day, she spent one whole day calling up her network expert friends to dicuss my recomendation. By the end of the day, she told her team mates that based on her discussion with her friends (the so called experts) it is very unlikely that my suggestion will work.
To say that I am pissed was an understatement! I have no problem with no being right all the time. But, please give me a benefit of doubt and test it out like what I have suggested. Further more it will only take less than two hours to test out my suggestion, as compare to her calling up her expert friends whole day to discuss about it and aside from saying it will not work, can't even suggest a better alternative.
I guess it's about time that I should stop being nice. I googled a few key words and read up a few literatures, which took me about 5 minutes in total (compare that against more than 300 mins she spent discuss with the experts). What I read, confirmed my guts feeling that my suggestion will work. I got back to her and infront of the team mates, told her right in her face that I don't think her expert friends don't understand what they are talking about. Instead of giving another suggestion, this time around I am firm asked her to stop discussion with her experts, and just spend a couple of hours to test out what I told her to do.
The next morning, she came to my desk that tell me my suggestion does work. And you dare call yourself a Network Expert?
* * *
Now that these legacy is gone, I think we will have more time to concentrate on real works and real problems.