Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How much worse can it get?

I don't how long will this bad luck period last this time. Lately, I don't really feeling like riding my bike through Federal Highway. Despite it comes with a motocycle lane, I just don't think it's safe enough. With endless constructions and reconstructions going on, there are too many hazards and having to slow down and detour to car lane wasn't to my liking at all. I rather ride all the way on the car lane, at least I don't have a false sense of security and be more alert, and the ride is smoother.

Yet I had to take Federal Highway to work this morning. I need to drop a few document for my insurance claim at the workshop, which happen to be near the Federal Highway. So I dropped off the document, and got back into Federal Highway to get to office.

At a certain stretch, I had to slow down my bike and forced to detour onto the car lane. Despite all the plastic divider they put to turn the car road's shoulder into a temporary motorlane, I just don't feel safe. As careful as I ought to be, I turn to look at my right before make the detour and true enough there were a couple of bikes came into temporary motor lane from the car lane, which ought not happen. So I slow down my bike, and come to halt to let them pass before I hit into them.

I was putting down my left leg to support myself and the stagnant bike. The next thing I knew, there was a thud sound, and that sent me into imbalance. Obviously my right leg can't support the sudden surge in momentum, what more with a pretty big bike like that. All I manage to do was to quickly put both of my leg firmly on the ground, and open it as wide as possible and let the bike fall to it's side in between my leg.

As soon as the bike has safely landed on it's side on the ground and it's engine went off, I turned around. There was a kapcai at the back. Obviously he wasn't paying attention, and hit into my bike's rear wheel when I stopped my bike. He has guilty painted all over his face, and apologise profusely. I was pretty pissed, but wasn't in the mood to even scold him.

I am more worry about picking up my bike and put it upright. With the compact physique that I have, the last time I had my bike lie on it's side, I spent almost all 90% of my energy to bring it upright. Yet luckily I manage to bring it up without much effort this morning. Make a quick inspection, and nothing seems to be damaged, not even a scratch mark. I waved my hand to let the guy go, he seems to be pretty nervous but grateful. Off he went, and I started my bike and continue my journey to work. Only when I was already in the motion did I noticed the gear pedal had somehow slightly bended inward. Having gone through two accidents in a week, small little bend like this not even worth fretting about.

Two accidents in a week, how much worse can it get?