Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Devil's Advocate

I am that little devil today (well technically yesterday). A business partner made a proposition, which based on our evaluation seems to be strategic in the long run, alas they are too eager. The relationship is too important to be jeopardised with outright rejection.

Then come another entity which are equally eager to jump onto the bandwagon. Pushed themselve in and proposed to supply a certain crucial component to the system.

A couple of weeks ago, after a certain discussion, the game plan was being ironed out, and I was to play the role of the little devil. As someone who normally ought to suggest and find a solution to problems, this role requires lots of hard-rewiring of my circuits.

Instead of removing the stumbling block, or find an elegant way around stumbling blocks, I have to seek out the stumbling block and put in open for everyone to see and do nothing about it. Well I have to somehow, "act" like I am thinking very hard to find a solution, and in the end I gotta failed myself. And of course the stumbling block has to come from the other entity.

Throughout most part of the discussion today, I need not directly single out the stumbling block. It was pretty obvious to the partner, and they brought up on their own. Yet, whenever opportunity present itself I do add in some fuel to the fire. It's my bad.

I am not an angel, and this is not the first time for me to play the little devil. Yet all the previous devil hatched from anger, hate or other negative emotion/feeling from within. But not this time, this is purely survival instinct, in it's natural and naked form. Like an animal. Animal Mana!

Tomorrow, well technically it's later today; will be another animal day for Mana. From what transpire today, and the backup force which has been summoned, tomorrow gonna a tougher day and Mana may need to reveal it's horns and tail. Wish me luck!