Monday, July 17, 2006

Pathetic Weekend

I'm waiting for the laundry that, I almost forget to do. Waiting for the washing to complete and transfer them to the dryer, or I may not have proper attire to wear to work tomorrow.

While waiting, finally manage to move my lazy butt to wash the whole week worth of kitchen utensils on the verge of overflowing the both sinks. In the process also clean up the stain (or was it mold :P) on the surface of the sink. The stove is still in a mess, the living room is still in a mess, and my bedroom too is still in a mess. Have been comtemplating for weeks to clean them up, and until now they remains in my todo list and in comtemplation.

Spent the whole of yesterday, to finish remaining 3/4 of The Hundred Secret Senses - Amy Tan, which was bought like two months ago. Watch two movies, one from the DVD and another one over HBO. Okie, the one on HBO, maybe only 3/4. Another 1/4 was lost while drifted in and out of conciousness for few times. Not really a good weekend, bleh.