Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Friend, Wake Up!

There are so many things happened in my my life, and still do, this month. One of them I wish was just a nightmare that will vanish once I wake up.

By the end of this month, the amount of travelling that I have done in this one month alone probably more than the amount of my travelling for past three years combined together, or at least that's how I feel.

At the beginning of each trip, I pray and wish my friend has woken up by the time I return from the trip. The last time I visited her was before went off for my last trip few days ago. During that visit, she did open her eyes and "look" at me. Though the doctor can't tell if that is just a reflex, I like to believe it was otherwise. When her dad asked her if she can hear and see us, I can sense that she was trying to response by trying to blink her eyes. Though not completely, I think I saw her eyes lids were moving a little bit.

Though her progress was not as fast as I wish, it is still much better than the first time I when I had to leave for my first trip, heavy heartedly, after having gone through the dreadful event until I have to leave for home to head for airport.

I don't have a chance to visit her today before I am off again to another destination. Again, I wish and pray that when I got back from this trip, she has woken up when I pay her a visit. My friend, wake up!