Sunday, March 26, 2006

Back Into Shape

Before I stopped riding my bike one years ago, the fastest I manage to push it is was just about 130 kmph. That was because there was some problem with the carburator and gasket leak in the cylinder head too. Now, after a full service and top overhaul that cost me a bomb, the bike can go up to 140kmph without a sweat and complain. Yeay!

I took the bike out for a 45 min test drive yesterday. First onto NKVE. Not so many vehicles on the road, so it was pretty easy ride. Except for when there was a trailer trying to over take another bus, while I was riding at 140kmph and had to slow down. After having get used to my car breaking system and capabilities, it's require a bit of practice and adjustment. My bike braking system is much inferior than the car's. The rear brake is less gripping than the front break. Need to adjust the rear break.

Then I decided to test it out smaller road with some corners. Into Kesas I went. It has be long since I last travel on the bike lane of KESAS, so I don't really dare to speed too fast especially at the corners. Manuverability at corner as still as good, I just need a few more ride through those road few more time then maybe get the thrill from higher speed cornering. This n0ob used to be able to make the side stand touched the tarmac and generate some spark during cornering at Awan Besar rest area. Not this time.

The traffic on LDP was pretty heavy. Still it doesn't prevent this idiot n0ob trying our stupid stunt zapping in between the moving car at the speed of 120kmph at certain stretch. I love the thrills. And gotta be in full concentration too, watch out for some n0ob driver who made sudden lane switching without giving signal or checking out their rear mirror for up and coming n0ob bike rider like me.

Then back onto NKVE again. Overtook almost all moving vehicles, and went up to 150 kmph when I was overtaking a waja on the right most lane. Yeay! I was trying to push further, but decided to give up when at 150kmph, the bike start to vibrate quite significantly. At first I thought it was the simen road on NKVE causes that, but then when I tried the same thing later on the tarmac road, it's still the same. I guess probably it's the tyre. The mechanic did told me that the tyre may have harden a little bit and lost it's elasticity after one year of abandonment. I may need to do alignment for the tyre, but maybe only after I replace it with a new pair of tyre. Not now though.

I am pretty happy with the result of the service and top overhaul. At least it worth the money. The bike is back into shape. Yeah!