Saturday, February 04, 2006

CNY 2006 Perhentian Trip - Day 2

Had a pretty good sleep, and woke up around 6am. By far I think this is the most decent vacation I ever have. Mean have enough rest and no rushing for activities, all done in slow pace and zero stressed.

The first diving to start at 9am. Still plenty of time to take a stroll on the beach. Heard the noises from the kiddo outside and downstairs. They are getting ready to take a stroll on the beach too. By the time I was ready to go, they were already all gone.

Picked up camera, and headed bare footed toward the beach. I was sure to find them somewhere ahead. Just walked at my own pace, and taking in the nice morning scenery. The weather is good, sky blue with scattered clouds.

Managed to catch up with them after 15 mins. Walked to the other part of the beaches, and back to restaurant to have our breakfast at almost 8. Once done with the breakfast, another cousin and me get our gear for the dive after the breakfast, while the rest of the kiddo and cousins/brother/sister get ready for their snorkeling trip.

After checking our gears and geared up, we were briefed on our first dive by dive master Sebastian. There were 7 of us, including the dive master and his assitant, Su. Sugar Wreck is a site with sunken cargo ship. We were told the cargo ship, carrying sugar - thus the name Sugar Wreck, sunk four years ago. It took about 20mins by boat to the site from our island. This was my first dive after almost 2 years, so it take sometime to get used too.

Luckily there isn't any current, but still the visibility was just around 2-3 meters at the most. Not so good, but it's expected. Technically it's still a monsoon season.

descend to the sea floor - mostly sand - at the depth of around 15 meters and saw the ship lying on it's side. Then we swim around the ship out a little bit toward some metal platform lying on the sand. Saw fishes swarm around, and a couple of cuttle fish (like squid, a bigger cousin) around one meter in length. Saw lion fish resting on the sand beside the metal platform.

Then we headed back to ship, and swim around it. Then we swim into the ship from the big hole on top of it. It's a little dark inside the body of the ship. By that time, I notice my air was almost 50 bars, which was low and signal low-on-air to the dive master. It seems that, I was still trying to get to used to breathing through the mouth. I think I suck in too much air. We swim out from the ship and start the ascending procedure, the 5m 3 mins decompression stop on top of the ship. All in all, it's a pretty good dive.

Everyone got onboard the small boat and we headed back to the island. On the way back we saw a couple of "ikan parang" jump out of water and race beside our boat.

The next dive will be at 12pm. We have about 1 hour and a half to rest before the next dive. Went back to the chalet and looking for something to fill our hungry stomach. My aunt took out last two rice dumpling, and we had it. Actually, my aunt and cousin prepare the dumpling on the first day of CNY for this trip. Then we took some mandarin oranges and head out the benches under the coconut shade. Lied down on the bench and when I was just about to fell asleep, my cousin told me it's time to go for second dive. Bleh!

The next dive site is the D'Lagoon. A 5 mins boat trip from our island. Current almost zero, visibility is about 5-6 meter and maximum depth was around 10 meters, if my memory still serve me fine (which I doubt so). Lot's of coral. Saw box fish, nemo (clown fish), and a school of hum headfish. This time around, I have gotten used to being underwater, and manage to still have about 100 bar by the time we surface. Yay!

Head back to our island and have our lunch. Everyone just done with their lunch when we arrived at the restaurant. My aunt kept some of the dishes for us. The snorkeling gang was already had their lunch too. They must have came back earlier than us. Heard a funny story from them. One of my cousin, the one who is huge, jump down from the boat with float with him and cause quite a panics scene when he disappear because it took too long for him to resurface. Most probably because of his weight, we had a good laugh.

Then the last dive for this trip for us, at 3 pm, to Teluk Dalam. Nothing much to see at that site, just some hard corrals and the common fishes. bleh. After the dive, washed our gears and head back to chalet. Most of the gang were sitting and relaxing under the coconut shade. The the kiddo and other cousin headed down to the water again. I didn't join them. Pick up a camera and take snap shot for the them and sceneries until dusk and then had our dinner. All in all its a good day.