Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Rules Are Made to be Broken... Intelligently

I stopped by the Gergasi on my way back from office during the weekend. I was not in particular good mood. In fact for the last whole week until now, I having been kind of low on the mood. Feels like my life force is at the whole time low. Keep playing those soppy songs from Chyichin (齐秦), Chicago and A-Mei (only soppy songs, skipped the upbeat ones) over my car stereo definitely did do me any good. These few days, I have been driving at 60 km/h, which is very unbecoming of me. But I just can't help it. Bleh... 'nuufff said 'bout that.

Now, back to the meat of the story at the Gergasi car park. Normally I would just look for the outdoor car park, which much more easier to get a empty lot. Yet, it was raining mad that day, so I got no choice but to park in the indoor one. I was pretty lucky to have found a parking lot in less than 2 minutes. Main objective was to buy my lunch, and it was almost 4 pm. My blood sugar level must be pretty low at time, which might explain my low mood. Quickly tapau the KFC's dinner set, and rush back to my car to head home.

That particular moment, when I was getting out from my lot there were plenty of cars queueing to get my lot. They saw me got into the car, so naturally the one nearest to my car will give signal and wait. Fair enough and, being a considerate person that I am, I quickly get into the car and tried to get out from my lot. The moment my car was halfway out from the lot, suddenly there was this one Mouse Deer car came from the opposite direction.

WTF!!! That is a one way lane, and she was heading the wrong way. There were plenty of cars queueing up from the opposite direction, because they had to wait for the car to get into my lot. Okie... again because I am a considerate gentleman (whoring myself again *grin*) and knowing pretty well the fairer sex driver normally become panicky easily in the sistuation like that, I stopped for a little while more.

5 seconds passed... 10 seconds passed... I was still waiting for her to reverse her SLK...

20 seconds passed!!!

"Auntie, I am not in good mood okie. Don't test my patient can or not?"

She can't possibly expected me to reverse my car back into the parking lot, so that she could make her exit in the fucking wrong direction, what more with so many cars waiting for me to get out, could she? Darn!!! She still refused to budge, not a even single inch. That's it!!! That was fucking too much!!! I flashed my light (see, I was still trying to be polite - never use my car horn okie) twice. Then only reluctantly the auntie unwillingly reverse her car a little bit so that I can get out from the parking lot.

After I moved out, that bimbo auntie still want to have it her way. She headed straight in the opposite direction again the one way traffic. What the fuck was that? Don't you know how to read the sign on the floor? The arrow is pointing to the opposite direction okie! Lesen Terbang kar? Somemore I don't think your granddad own that Gergasi okie! Plenty of people wasting their time and burning away the farking expensive petrol just because of you don't farking know how to read sign and don't farking know how or when to break the rule properly.

With so many dumb and inconsiderate drivers like this on the road, it's a little wonder why the traffic in this whole Kelang Valley is so damn fucks up. Come on lar, even if you want to break the rules please farking use your brain can arnot?

I wholeheartedly agree with the saying that goes like "Rules are made to be broken..." And if you are too dumb to figure it out, let me say it point blank. Rules are made to be broken... Intelligently. Definitely whoever that came out with that saying doesn't have that auntie's way of breaking-the-rule in mind when she/he first thought of that smartass words, does she/he?

While I am at it, let me ask you this question. Have you ever drive in the wee hour of the morning, when and where there are more mosquito than car on that particular stretch of road? And when you come to a junction with a traffic light with the red light spot on, what would you do? Freaking chicken pussy shit that I am, I will not give my answer and risking getting a sommon by admitting to a traffic offense.

But let me share with you my thought on this (this is just a thought okie, it doesn't mean I have to do all the thing that I am capable of thinking, do I?) In the first place, why did traffic light come into being? It's sole main purpose function is to facilitate the smooth flowing of the traffic at a particular junction, isn't it? Of course sometime it still malfunction, either because it's a brainless shit robot or 'cause some freaking drunken brainless shit driver mistaken it for a particular disco lights that he saw in the pub/disco he had just left and head straight into it.

Yet generally, it's will carry out it's function pretty well. That is when the traffic is normal or heavy. Yet at a freaking wee hours of the morning, do you think it will serve it's purpose well by stopping you from moving even thought there is no other car around in whichever direction? Do you think you want to stop there waiting for it to turn green just because you are a law abiding citizen? or rather because you are chicken shit like me who afraid of getting a summon? Or you would go with the spirit of the rule, which in the first place suppose to make the traffic smooth. And being the only animated object at that particular spot, it's fair and obvious enough to say that your car the traffic and the traffic is your car. Thus by the spirit of the rule, you may zoom past the particular spot in order to make the traffic smooth.

God forbid and yet if you really got a summon at that particular unheavenly hour in the morning in an attempt to stick to the spirit of the rule rather than follow the rules by the book and because a particular someone in his desperate attempt to hit his particular qouta and decided to wait silly at that particular junction. Do you think he will buy the logic of the spirit of the rule? or better still if you have the mean to challenge it in the court, do you think who will prevail?