Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry X'mas

I don't normally celebrate X'mas. Anyway this time round, my cousins and sister from home state pay us a visit. There is a small family dinner and get together in a short while. My cousin just went of the fetch a turkey and I am just came back home to take a bath and going off to my cousin place next door in a while.

Brought my cousins and sister to IKEA this in the noon, been a long time I never been there. While I was there, thinking of giving a face lift to my guess room. Thinking of turning it into my study room. Okie, that a plan for next year.

On the way back stop by Giant for late lunch and buy some stuff. While the rest of the gang shop around, I just grab a bottle of white wine and a couple of sparkling grape juice (this one for the kids, yeah my cousin brought along her three heros.) Then I head straight to the car, started the engine and turn on the aircond waiting there for almost 45 mins. I was just too tired. Manage to finnish read a newspaper and took a short nap before they finnish the shopping.

Gotta go take bath and head back to my cousin place next door now. To everyone of you,