Friday, November 18, 2005

Vulgar or is it not

Been quite a while since I last deposit any thought here. Did I just say thought? Maybe I tend to overrate myself. heck with that, anyway... maybe this post can be considered as a thought.

Aside from the normal usage of valgarity to curse things or people that we really hate, it seems to me that vulgarity can also be a sign of how close and confortable you are with someone. At least it is for me.

For me, vulgarity is only reserve for two group of people. First group it people who really pissed me off. Which I think the correct usage of vulgarity.

Before I go futher, it seems vulgar have other meaning too (after checking my favourite online dictionary). These are the meaning of vulgar in context of this post:

4 a : lacking in cultivation, perception, or taste : COARSE b : morally crude, undeveloped, or unregenerate : GROSS c : ostentatious or excessive in expenditure or display : PRETENTIOUS
5 a : offensive in language : EARTHY b : lewdly or profanely indecent

Okie now, the interesting part (at least for me *grin*). The second group. You see, I am quite a decent person (one layer of skin just grow on my face). Or to borrow from the definition above, I am a cultured and developed person; at least that what I like ot think of myself as. I don't go around cursing any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Cut short the crap, the second group of people upon whom the vulgarity is inflicted on by me are those that I consider as my close friend. Friend that understand me so much as not to get offended with the profanity or lewdity. So peeps, if I inflict any vulgarity upon you, you should feel honoured as I have considered you to be my close friends.

So this is the kind of crappy excuse I tell myself use vulgarity upon my friend.

Hell, this doesn't even come close to my own standard on how a thought suppose to be written. Got to improve on my writting skill (and thinking skill too). Damn!