Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Your zip are spoiled, cannot close!

While getting onto my car to go to lunch today, L run toward my car and said "I want to sit in pokca car. I want sit in front!" What is happening? Most of the time all the females colleague will opt not to sit in the front passenger seat in my car. She want to sit infront?

J her manager asked her, "Why you want to sit in pokca car? There is no zip in his car" referring to an incident in T car the other day. T was in my car too today. "Hey don't you say like that about my car", T retort.

I drove out from the covered car park, and try to turn on my car air condition and the radio. "Nooo... no... don't turn on the aircon and the radio", WTF? What is going on, this is my car wei! She turn off the radio and the aircondition.

"You drive, drive... I want to hear" she said. WTF she want to hear?

"Huh..." She sigh!!!

"Aiya why your car engine so quite one..." she said, and I turn on the radio and aircon try as much to control my handsome. Fuck! Must be about her god damn car again. Yeah, this is the lady who recently bought the same car as mine and same color too mind you. Of all the car and all the color, why the fuck do you have to choose same as mine? bleh... Now, you deserved it.

I have it enough. "I think it's not the car, most probably it's the car driver" I reply in jest. The guy behind start to laugh.

"Aiya... you guys so bad one", she dare not say much and stop at that. Must be she still remember the last trip out to lunch with us.

The other day, she was seating in the back seat with me while J seat infront with T driving.

Out of no where, she suddenly said "T, you zip spoiled already. Cannot close."

T was driving and J pretend to look down at toward T pant's zip?

"Eh, how you know his zip is spoiled already? And it is already zip up, what you mean his zip is spoiled, cannot close?" J trying to tease her.

"Aiya... I am talking about his cd pouch's zip lar."

We laugh, then quiet for a while.

"Mmm... imagine this" I broke the silent.

"What if I manage to record what you've just said and play it to everybody in the office? What you think they will think?" I added.

"Aiya... you so bad" She responded, and start to feel the heat.

All silent again, but I can see big grin on J face and I guess same thing on T face as well. I she must have started to feel unconfortable with our responses to what she had said.

Btw, T is driving same car as mine, and her except that it's different color. So there she goes again, trying to change topic and avoid further embarrassment.

"Huh... your player is so nice. How come yours got "Toyota" printed on the player one?" Another you-ask-for-it question. She just bought her car, and the latest model comes with different, but I think better player. Our radio receiver comes with CD player and cassette player. Who the hell still listen to cassette player nowadays. Somemore the latest player on her car can play MP3 too, and without the useless cassette player. She really ask for it this time.

"Aiya... the player in your car better lar" T responsed. Maybe that's what she wanted to hear.

J pointing and playfully put his finger into the cassette player, and playfully asked "Eh... T, how come your cassette player don't have zip one?" we started to laugh again.

"Why need zip?" T asked.

"To prevent the burger from comming out..." J response. Refering back to T's burger shape CD pouch.

"You sure it's burger ar??? Not sausage ar" I add, and everyone continue to laugh. Well except for her.

"Ya ya... it's a sausage and don't forget the two meat balls too that will come out!!!!" T quipped. All the hell broke loosed, we all burst into big laughter again. She probably felt like jumping down the car there and then.

On the way back, there were only three on us in the car. She decided to follow another colleague's car back. Muuaahahahaaaa....