Sunday, October 23, 2005

Little Red Dot

I was in the little red dot down south on Friday and Saturday. On a unplanned short business trip. Gotta wake farking bloody early and unheavenly unhumanly hour on friday to catch the earliest shuttle out. As expected, I overslept. So did my "driver". *grin*.

I set the alarm at 5:05, 5:10 and 5:15. I didn't hear all of them. Damn... I woke up at 5:03am and decided to steal a little bit more sleep till at least the first alarm went off. By the time I woke up the second time, it's already 5:43am. Yes I didn't hear all the three alarm from my phone. I rushed into bathroom for a quick bath. Luckily my colleague who suppose to pick me up overslept too. But still I managed to get ready by the agreed time, 6:15am.

Another colleague had been there for a week already and the moment he knew I was going over, asked me to stay over and accompany him. It must be dead bored staying alone there. I sort of agree, but because due overslept I didn't manage to pack any extra cloth for the stay over.

Anyway, I did stay over and yes in the same pant, shirt and underware for one and a half day there. So sue me :P

It's not exactly a pleasant feeling to be used as an excuse for other to commit something which ain't seems right. I should have known better of his trick, this is not the first time. Make a mental note, not to fall for his trick again next time.

Money can't buy us everything, and yet everything requires money. Come to think of it, when it require money to get a companionship; even for a short little while, it just ain't gonna take the away that lonesome feeling. Not even in that little short span. Who am I trying to kid here? Myself definitely, it seems.

This is the first time I took shuttle flight, so I was blur like sotong when I was at the airline counter trying to confirm my open ticket. After being "toss" around for a couple of times, finally I got a confirmed flight back. Not exactly their fault, I didn't ask the correct question and made too early an assumption myself.

This too is the first time I manage to get a good look at the little red dot while the plane is ascending. There are some cloud here and there yet the sky was clear enough for me to take take good look at the little red dot from high above. For the first time I realise how small the dot is. I can see the main dot from east to west in just one view from high above. No wonder they feel so vulnerable.