Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Wracked My Bio-Clock

Yes, I am adding this post at this unheavenly hour. Now it's confirmed. My bilogical clock is totally wracked. Was damn sleepy while in office yesterday. Two new team member save my day. I give them sort of induction briefing. Man, how time flies and I wasn't even sleepy while giving the briefing, not until right after coming out from the room. Man it's already 7:00 pm.

I didn't realise I has been talking for like 3 hours. Can't really remember what time I started the briefing. Should be around 4:00pm I guess. Pack up my stuff and heading home. Tapau my dinner on the way back. I was sure I gonna hit the sack early, and I did. By 11:00pm, I already hit the sack and after reading few pages of The Life of Mahatma Gandhi I was gone. Was very sure I gonna wake up early, but waking at 3:30 am this is too early. Damn! Trying to sleep again, but all is in vain. Drag my arse up and here I am typing this post.

Finnish reading the book few years ago, and it's a fascinating and touching story of a man great man's life. Went here before I hit the sack, and reading the Gandhi book me had me wondering. How wonderful will it be if the passive resistence is used to fight for this cause? A fight campaign for the ultimate justice and co-existence without any malice toward one own enemy opponent.