Saturday, October 15, 2005

Bloody Depressing Friday Nite at Pub

I can't believe this! Damn bloody depressing moments in pub. I mean there is no girls to see... well.. there is this nice "nurse" or "red-crescent nightingle" came to drink with us and snap a few photo. That's about it.

Imagine a bunch of balak, sitting on sofa having booze and staring down through the glass wall at a bunch of a kua's spoofing some song and dance. WTF? We come here for entertainment okie. We end up have to entertain ourselves. Got and upstair seat and switch three tables in half an hours and end up with the suckest night I ever had in bar. Shouldn't go there on friday night anymore. At least on monday was still better.

On of our "new-comer" thought he would have great time with us. And end up he is having a indentity crisis. He can't differentiate between real and fake women anymore. Even during the house singer sang, he still keep asking us is that a real women or fake one. Fuck...

The most depressing thing is they sangs birthday songs five times okie. Few's by the fake female and the rest by the house singer there. it's a she. WTF? do you have to sing birthday song that many times ar, for fuck sake?