Wednesday, October 12, 2005

WTF? Guy Emoting...

I am at the low tide of my mood right now. Most of the time I only hear the other species can have this kind of moody thingy. If I were women, I would easily diagnose myself as having PMS right now. Too bad I am not.

I was in pretty bad mood in office today. Luckily no poor soul come to provoke me. Wait, I need no provocation at all to show my dark self. A simple question to me will get a not-so-friendly answer and my colleague should have notice it.

Like just now, the other manager was asking me about a problem that a partner forward to him. Maybe he can sense that I was in bad mood and he ask me to just assign someone handle the case. I was in no mood to just assign the case to my team member. I want to solve the case myself, cannot? I got all the information and in my super focus state, and maybe the guy thought I wasn't paying attention to him... maybe he ask me some question. I was in my super focus state analysing the trace, maybe I didn't notice he ask me something. So he tought I ignore him. I ask a few question to my team member when I was analysing the trace. Maybe he feel dejected, and he turn toward the girl and asked her for help. Ask her to explain the problem to him so he can explain it to the partner.

I was little pissed, wtf? I am already analysing the problem and he go and ask my subordinate. I would have ask her to solve it if I wanted to. I already knew what is the problem, and typing the result of my analysis to him and he is asking my subordinate to do that again. I am pissed. While he is busy asking this and that, I told him I am typing the reply to him in the most polite way(which wasn't sounds that convincing). He back off. Thanks god!

Don't ask me why I am so moody, 'cos I farking don't know. Maybe it's from lack of sleep, maybe it's because of the buffalo wing I took with beer (and half drunk) on monday night or maybe induce by a long period of loneliness or maybe of these finally create just a perfect storm. I just don't farking know. Or maybe it's low sugar level in my blood.

Ever since I did the fast stunts during that's eventful weekend, my digestion system is like a sleeping monster woke up from sleep. Maybe after a good rest for two days, my digestion system start to get energetic. Over energetic in fact. I get hungry so damn fast.

Damn... my vodka ribena glass is empty... liao (go make another glass... come drink with me, toast!!!!)