Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ego or Stubborn

Went out for a drink with my good friend, and she bought me my first kilkenny. Thanks! Anyway I have a confession, and apologies to offer. After drinking, we went to have a supper. I order and hot pat zhi chou, and the drink came with a straw.

friend: This is stupid, ain't it? I just told my daugther about straw and hot drink. It will burn your throat.
me: Err.. is it? let me see...
I take a little sip, some how I just in the mood of being disagree
me: no lar... it's not really that hot...
yes, it not damn hot yet hot enough to burn my throat

Well, sorry for being stubborn. I know you might not notice it, or you just let me off with my ego (or stubborness or whatever damn shit they labelled it).

Sometimes, I am just like that. A pain in the arse, when I am in the mood to be disagreeable and my stubborness kick in. I stick to my stupid reasoning or whatever point that I am disagreeing on. Doesn't matter if the reason that I give is so stupid, I will still stand by it. Even though most of the time I know how stupid and lame it sounds like.

* * *

On something which is unrelated to this. These fews day, I am concentrating on research and exploring new technology to be adopted for our project. This specification from OSGi is pretty thick, I have buried my head into this stuffs this few days and been ignoring a lot of other routine thing which I am suppose to do.

I don't know if this is my weakness or strength. When I am working on something, I can concentrate fully on it to the point that I can will ignore other stuffs around me. Another problem is I tend to ignore or response negatively to anyone who try to interrupt me while I am deep into this problem at hand.

Like today, in the afternoon there is a meeting I have to attend for a discussion on seperate matter. I was pretty quiet, and other attendent might be thinking that I have negative view on things that being discuss. The truth is, everytimes when I am in deep thought it's very hard for me to pull myself out. That's why from outside, I tend to seems like ignoring or aloof to other matter.

* * *

When are they gonna stop this. I am tired of listening to all this craps about the tempo of our national anthem! Don't get me wrong, I love my country and any symbol that represent her. Now I ask you, if you have a child do you really need a reason to love and be proud of her/him?

Do you have to make him/her into a certain people, to behave in a certain way? If he/she doesn't do what you like her/him to be, will you love her/him less?

So please stop all this crappy attention seeking blardy stupid issue can or not? Please bring up a better and more useful issue like fighting porverty or something like that. Don't waste your time and energy on issue like the tempo of national anthem can or not?

Please let the current, or the original tempo stay as it is. Stop there, and learn to love it and get used to it. It's not the tempo that make the national anthem good! It's about what thing that you have done for the country and things that's you are being reminded of the moment you hear the national anthem that really matter. Don't ask what the tempo of the national anthem can do for you! Ask what you can contribute and do for the tempo of the national anthem! Stop there is you ever think that your greatest contribution for national anthem is to give suggestion to change it's tempo over and over again. bleh...