Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Haloscan Installed

I have installed the commenting and trackback to this blog and effectively the old comments is no logger viewable.

Alone in house now. My brother, left for my auntie house just now and he be joining them back to hometown tomorrow morning. Yes... I am alone in the house now... sob.. sobs...

I have plenty to do this few days,

o Sign-up and install haloscan
o Clean the kitchen
o Clean my bedroom
o Clean the livingroom.
o Shit... basically I have to clean the whole house... oorrgghhh....
o Read.. read... read... ya ya... gotta update myself on the latest technology so that our system is not left behind and gotta create new solution and intro to the market
o Starting writing the membership and receipts collection system for one of the NGO in my hometown ya... got this assignment when I went back last week
o Comes out with a new team structure, for my team at work. The team has grown big enough to necessitate a delegation mechanisme, or I will be the bottleneck to everyone
o Attend a wedding dinner. Orgghhh kena saman
o Groceries shopping... Orrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhh...... last drips of ribena left in the bottle

Oorrghhh... a long list. Hopefully I can get beyond procastrinating self to get these tasks done before this comming monday. Wish me luck!

For those that celebrate the Hari Raya (effectively means all Malaysian), Selamat Hari Raya!!!