Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bloody Idiot

My grand uncle passed away this morning, after months of fighting against throat cancer. At least he ain't suffering no more. Hope he can rest in peace now.

I woke up at about 7:00am this morning. Yes by myself, even the alarm which I had set at 8:00 still sound asleep and yes that rarely happened these few months. Five minute later I receive a sms from my uncle, about the news. Then after a couple of minutes of receiving that sms, I got a call from my mom telling me the same thing. They too just got the news, not sure what time he actually passed away too. Only much later, I was informed that he passed away around 3am.

I decided to go back to attend his funeral. I wasn't that close to him, still I think ought to go back and pay him last respect. One of his son, my dad's cousin has been treating me all of us very well when I was young. So I ought to attend his dad funeral.

This event reminded me of my late grandfather. Since this morning I was plotting things that I wanted to put onto this post right now. About my late grandfather. Unfortunately, I don't think I will able write it tonite. Maybe next time.

I was too bloody pissed to write about that anymore. When I reached home just now, I have lost all the mood and plot to write.

The moment I reach home,

Me : Are you going back next week?
My other cousins told me they had much earlier already planned to go back next week, it's okie then. I will just go back by myself.
Brother : Yes. Why you want to go back tomorrow?
Okie, you want to pretend like you don't already know. Fine, I tell you nicely
Me : Grand Uncle's funeral on Friday.
Brother : Why don't you go back with us next week?
Fuck!!! My blood start to boiled..... what kind of farking question is this. Don't you fucking get it, Grand Uncle funeral is on this Friday???? Fuck!!!
Me : It doesn't matter, you can go back next week. I will go back tomorrow.
It's up to him when he want to go back, not big deal. I will drive back by myself.
Brother : Damn it... I ask you nicely and you talk like that to me... bla bla bla...

I am too blardy pissed to say anything more. I just walk into my room and leave him there. What the fuck is this? I bloody damn respect his decision, and he accused me of not talking nicely to him? Fuck you!!!!

Few years back, I might already have argued back and shouted at him and started World War III. Now... I will just swear at him in my heart and on this post.

I blardy respect your decision, and not even trying to question your choice/priority. So can you please blardy stop imposing your choice/priority on me. One more, next time if you want me to follow you back please say so. Don't farking beating around the bush with blardy stupid like that can or not. bleh...