Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Spooky Dream

Yeah, some people like to call it nightmare. It has been pretty long since I last had a spooky dream, I can't remember when was the last time. This dream that I had this morning seem so real, and I was panting when I woke up in the middle of the dream. I drolled on my pillow too, so sue me :P

Anyway, I saw my late grandfather in the dream. I can't remember exactly where and how it got started, what I can remember is I was visit a someone I knew from somewhere, except that I don't know who he is. I don't remember I see his face in the dream either. It was somewhere in an old housing estate, a hilly area.

I think was there to fix an electrical appliance or maybe computer. I can't really remember exactly what it was. Once that has been fixed, I was shown down a stair to go back. It was a wooden town house. The unit was on the first floor, and the stair case was at the outside of the house.

When I was walking down the stair, the whole palce suddenly turn into deafening silent. The man who was just one moment ago so talkative turned quite. I started to sense something was amiss, like he knew something will happen except that he wasn't telling me and I wouldn't dare to ask.

The moment I stepped onto the ground, there "she" was. A lady, without the upper torso. Just from the waist down, and "walking" backward across my path, in front of me. I wasn't so alarmed at that moment. First thing came to my mind was Emily in the Corpse Bride, except that its skin colour was not as pale. The color of her skin was more alike to most of the mannequin in the shopping mall.

Out of nowhere the guy snatch my right hand, and run. I have got no choice but to follow him. He then let go of my hand, but still I was running after him. This was a hilly area you see, and the trails that we took are all uphill. So there I was running uphill and panting at the same time. We ran through some bushes and low growing schrubs. In no time, we were in a house. I can't remember exactly how we got into the house. It was an old colonial type wooden house, with yellow and brown colored wall. Like those old quaters that you see in at the old KTM stations (are they still around).

There was an old man sleeping on the sofa. I knew this man, I was talking to myself. He was my late grandfather, and I casually told the guy it was my grandfather. The guy told me his is the teacher teaching in this school. From what I know my late grandfather never been a teacher in his lifetime.

Anyway, I guess we must be in a school quater or something like that. I woken up my grandfather, and he wasn't surprise I was there. I asked him where he stay, he told me his house is not far away and pointing toward the direction of his house from the window.

I told him I am going to send him back, and out of sudden the white curtain over the windows of that place were being blown inward by a big gust of wind. I started to get spooky all over again. The guy rushed to the stair. Yes, it's like a malay house, lifted up about three feet above ground. My grandfather follow suit and I followed my grandfather down the staircase. Or I walk down first, follow by my grandfather I can't exactly remember. It was blurry.

The moment my foot hit the ground, suddenly I saw and felt a lady hand catch hold of my right arm again. This lady was standing in between the guy and my grandfather. I can feels that my grand father and the other guy was trying to save me from the grips of the lady. I can't see her face, it was covered with scarf (or is it kain sarong). I was struggling to escape...

Then and there, I was snatch away from the dream and woke up. Panting and drolling on my pillow. This was spooky, the room is still dark. I touch the pillow, the spot where I droll was wet. In in the state of daze and spooky, I run my right hand to the top right corner of my bed looking for my handphone, to find out the time. I feel my right hand being "touch" by something. Damn it was so spooky, I was still panting from the struggling in the dream. I stopped for a moment to recollect, to make sure I wasn't in the dream still. Shit, it was the corner of my pillow touching my right hand!!! Then I look a round the rooms, I get a little bit scared, recollecting what just happened to me in the dream. It took me couples of minutes to recollect that it was just a dream, and calm down from the panting and went back to sleep again.

Actually before I sleep again, scare as I was, I was still kinda hoping that I will continue the dream again. I was curious about a few things, certain unexplainable feeling, which I hope will be answered if I can finnish the dream. It wasn't happening. When I wokeup again the next time, it's already in broad day light. Is my late grandfather trying to tell me about something? I wasn't sure, I wished I can go back into the dream again and asked him. I know it sounds silly, I am just curious.