Saturday, November 05, 2005

Slow is the progress

Wasted one full day for the recovery yesterday, I guess if I try hard enough, I would be able to at least do a little bit of laundry or take down the curtains and stuff it into the washing machine. Yet, as usual being sick is very convenient excuse to just lie down on the couch for most part of the day. Drifted between concious, unconcious and somewhere in between for most part of the day. Not forgetting the frequent visit to the loo. I must have frequented the loo as many times as, if not more than, my whole two weeks visits to loo during my normal days.

Cleaned up my room, an little part of the dining room today. Just lazy around for most part of the morning, and not until afternoon did I start to move my lazy ass of the couch and start to clean up my room. Washed my room curtain, as well as the living room's curtain. Can't remember when was the last time I put those into the washing machine. I guess it must have been long enough, long enough for the wasp to build it nest on it.

Washed the bed sheet and all the covers, all the cloths too. Moved whole stack of books which spews on the floor of the room, as well as couples of old newspapers. It's a little late to start vacumming the floor now, and as usual it's not fun to do things that I am suppose to do. That's explain why I am typing this post now. It's always fun to do thing that you are not suppose to be doing ain't it. So sue me :P

Was watching a chinese movies on atro while I was folding the clean laundry just now. I was contemplating to going out for a workout, at the driving range, and shop for groceries on the way back. The provision at home is already dangerously low. Not feeling like having the instant noodle or the instant poridge that I has been having yesterday. The movies was about chinese cooking, The Feast. Been a long while since I last prepare a proper meal for myself. I cancelled the plan to go out, and soak the beehoon. Yes, I prepare fried beehon for my dinner. No more vegi left, only some dried prawn and last portion of mince meat left. That's all I have and can put into the fried beehoon. Not exactly a supre tasty, but still okie. It should taste better if there is a vege.

Better get back to continue my tasks, still plenty still and tomorrow is already sunday. Damn... don't think I will be able to finnish all by tomorrow. At least gotta clean up this place first, and gotta go stock up the groceries tomorrow. Gotta start a little bit on the membership system too.