Friday, November 04, 2005

I am totally fucked up!

I am totally fucked today! Actually it started last night. I went to the wedding dinner, in one of the hotel in town. As usual, you shouldn't be puctual to a wedding dinner even thought it has been stated in the invitation card to be punctual.

It is stated 7:00 pm on the invitation card, and not want to be there early and waiting no end for the meal to be served I make plan to arrive there around 7:30am. Don't want to be too late too. Anyway, I couldn't get a parking in the hotel, it's full. So I have to park in another building which requires me to walk for like 15 mins to the hotel. Anyway, the delayed was just nice. The moment I was there, most of the colleagues are there. They just arrived too.

Beer was served while waiting for all the guess to arrive, and while waiting for the meal to be served. My estimation was, if the first course is served by 8:30 pm that should be pretty good already. I was pretty hungry. As it turned, only another 45 mins passed 8:30 pm did the first course was server. Ooorrggghhh.... and being in the same table as all the alcohol ghost. By the time the first course was served, I have gulp down almost two mugs full of beer. With empty stomach, siao. Even before the first course was server, the waitress told us two barrel of beer has gone, when we asked for another refill. Next comes the brandy and whisky.

Actually at 8:30pm, as has been the norm nowadays a power point presentation was played (well few previous wedding dinner I attended, play the presentation on halfway through the dinner). Maybe they try to be a little different.

Anyway when the meal are served I tried to gulp down as much as possible to neutralise the alcohol. I don't think it work. During the dinner was served and while waiting for the groom and bride to come to yum seng at our table, we managed to rehearsed at least three rounds of yum seng ourselves. I lost count on how many brandy and whisky I gulped down. What I remembered was, I was being frame once. I am not sure by who. I gulp down one shot off brandy, and put down the empty glass and out or no where there appear another shot of it infront of me. Damn!!!

That was just the start, after the dinner they are going for second round. Shit!!! I was already drunk, and still they want to go for second session. These alcohol ghost are real crazy! So I went for another session with them. On the way there, I stopped at a petrol station and puked as much as I can. There goes the last course of the dinner.

I was the first to arrived at the bar, and there again I went into the toilet to have another round of puking... and this time the second last course came out too. I was fucked, and still am now. I took a few shots, before the whole mayhem end. Well, that's what I thought.

Got home! Straight away hit the sack. I don't know what time was it when I first woke up. I feel sick, and cold. Went straight to the bathroom and puke again... and add to the injury, my stomach is not too well. Fucked! I have a diarrhea. Shit... damn watery shit. The food all comes out from both of my orifices top and bottom. Then and there I know I am totally fucked. To make matter worst, I caught cold when I was in the bathroom. My nose was blocked, I had to breath through my mouth for like at least 20 mins when I went back to bed.

I thought the worst was over. But that was just the begining. I had a few more puking and watery shit session right through till daylight comes. I must have lost lot's of water, yet I can't take a plain water in that condition. I make me wanna puke when I gulp down few sips of plain water. Ribena was all gone. Fuck!!!

I boiled water and make a lime jus. Luckily there was a few limes my mom packed for me during the last trip I went back to hometown. Prepared the lime jus, accompany with a little chant and gulp it down. I must have been around 6-7 am. Only after having the just did I managed to go back to sleep.

Today, whole day I am still fucked. Headache, diarrhea, cold, and that sensation of feeling like puking hounted me till now. I am sick, and totally fucked! Been a long while since I have been this sick!