Sunday, November 13, 2005

Weekend at TM

It has been a while since I last visit my aunt in TM. I mean visit her house. I did meet her from time to time when she came over to visit my cousin nearby my place. I used to visit TM pretty often when I was studying and that was like almost ten years ago... uh.. how time flies. During that time, always brought a week worth of cloth to do laundry there.. heeheehee..

My cousin asked me to go back with them for to have a dinner with them there. Not really for a special occassion, just that they are arrange for a special dishes in one of the restaurant there. Buddha Jump Over the Wall. That's what they told me, I'm not really sure if this is like the one in Nilai. Anyway the taste is... heaven!!!

They ordered four dishes, and there are 9 of us there. The BJOtW was server first, followed by asam fish (not really that good, or it's because I took something really good just now so that anything less that that is no good heeheee...), next come the herbal kampung chicken, not bad. By this time, I'm almost full. Then come the see cucumber with scallops and brocolli, this dish is not bad too. By the time the last dish, taufu, came I was totally full and I didn't even take a single grain of rice. Burp... excuse me... hehee....

The driving was pretty smooth, though like I said before; highway is not winding enough to be enjoyable, except for a brief moment when a small lorry carrying some furniture swerve into our lane. I wasted no time in blowing the car horn. It was mid afternoon, probally the drive was falling asleep. He steer back to his lane almost immediately. Hopefully that honk make him more alert and arrive to his destination safely.