Monday, December 19, 2005

Blardy Jet Lag

No, I didn't go anywhere that have different timezone from here. It was the stupid project that I have slave work on for the past three months weeks which induces thise jet lag like sympton onto me.

As expected, I can't put myself to sleep until 3am even with a glass of vodka ribena (double shots of vodka). Blardy hell!!!!

Woke up at 10am and dragged my sorry ass to work. Being a zombie, I didn't expect I can get much thing done. By end of the day, I just manage to passed one letter of increment to one last person in the batch of my team that got an increment for this time round.

Do a little bit of google-ing to find a solution for the issue we are facing with web server of the Three Months Weeks Clean Sh*t Project. Think I found a resolution for it and passed the resolution to our support team. Since the system are now already in production mode, this issues is now under their care.

Take a look at the project plan for the new project which suppose to be delivered in March next year. The project plan has been prepared by one of our consultant. Seems like there are a handful of tasks has been omitted. Someone better put that in or we will end up with another shitty project by march next year again. IM my boss to know what is the arrangement for this project. Basically he has no single clue as well. Mostly he just look at the money and financial side of the project. He ask me to advise him on the technical and project delivery. I promise to get back to him once I have a clearer picture after a discussion with my team member and with the consultant.

Get my team member who I have identified to oversee the highlevel requirement of the project, and share with her my concern on the project plan. The long Chinese New Year holiday wasn't taken into account in the project plan, there are no mentioned of hardware acquisation and preparation. A few more things prop up while I was having discussion with her. Those I asked her to take note and update into the project plan.

Those are the three thing I manage to do in a state of zombie. The rest of the time, I just lepak at my desk. Strike up a few useless conversation with some of the other team, just to past time.

I was still pretty sleepy while driving back. I have to stop by at a shopping mall to buy a X'mas present for the gifts exchange programme for Office X'mas Party this coming Friday. Someone have help me to draw a name for me. It's one of my team member whom I to buy present for.

Got a shirt for him. Next gotta get gift wrapper. On the way to the gift wrapper shop, I walked past a setup of don't-know-what-company and the lady trying to give something to me. I brought up my hand with a no sign. Then I walked away, she shouted "Eh... it's free!" What the fuck!!! I have already said no. Which part of me looks like a sex sleep deprived freebies collector to you, fucking mind you!!!! Do you need to shout so loud??? Darn!!! Which part of NO didn't you understand!

Anyway, I just walked away and get the gift wrapper and got back home. Tapau lamb curry for dinner. Been a long three months since I last had this lamb curry. It's the pwns!!!

I am damn sleepy now, but I dare not sleep now. Otherwise I will wake up in the middle of midnight and can't get back to sleep again. My colleague suggest I go to gym to tired myself up, and have a good sleep. It's been one months since I last visited the gym. Yay!!! I'll do just that tomorrow.