Sunday, December 18, 2005

Look at the Bright Side

Now that the whole mess has been sort of cleaned up, I am sort of relieved. No so worried about this project anymore. Though there are still a module to be delievered, the time line is not that tight anymore.

My bio clock is totally whacked. Yesterday and today, I keep fell into sleep during day time, and last night I can't sleep until 4 am then woke up again at 5 am. Darn! I dare not imagine what gonna happen tonight and how it's gonna be like at work tomorrow. If it wasn't far some urgent stuff on other project that I have to look into, I would have give myself another day off. bleh.

Back to this shitty project. There are lot's of things which I don't like about this project, but those are the things which are out of our control. So either I like it or not, still have to telan. Yet still there are things that I like about this project.

  • My team the Rawk. We manage to complete a work which were supposed to take 2 months (and still can't be completed after two months) in 3 weeks.

  • We gain the customer confident two weeks after we takeover the project. Considering that the customer confident when we started the project was rock bottom, this is a great achievement!! Yayaay!!!

  • I have perfect excuse to dooze off during work. Not that I did it often.

  • I have perfect excuse not to check or reply my work e-mail. Yayay!!!!!

  • I can work at night (and wee hours of morning too). mmm... it may not necessary be a good thing. Yet by working at night there are less interruption.

That's all I can think of now.