Sunday, November 20, 2005

Stupid Me

Normally I would take hot shower in the morning. Today I just feel like taking cold shower, and I did just that. Did some house chores and laundry, and around 11+ am my brother come out of his room. He told me our cousin ajak go play golf in the afternoon. He asked if I am interested. I was planning to go to driving range anyway in the afternoon. And there has been many weekends where the plan to go to driving range, in the end just remain as a plan. Most of the time, I just end up sleepy like a pig in the afternoon.

I need a good workout. I didn't go to gym for like more than three weeks already. *sigh*. So after all this thinking in my head, I open my mouth to tell him I am going. Lo and behold, this is not my normal voice. I sounded like I am having a cold.

Thinking to myself, did I had a cold. Was it because of the cold shower this morning? Nah, it can't be. I have any other cold sympton, no running nose, not even a blocked nose. Okie, let see. What I did yesterday? Nothing special, falling into and out of sleep most part of the day. Ya, I went for company sport's club dinner on friday night. As usual, in event like this the alcohol consumption is a must.

If anyone of you happen to be in Soul Out, that night, pardon our "Yum Seng" and "Cheers" cry. I shouted like mad. I think my stomach is not that well from the previous drinking session, so I play safe and smart, got a little high and luckily not drunk.

So this must be the culprit of my lost voice.

While having lunch, I was thinking to myself. Did I not speak a single word yesterday. I was just lying on cough whole day, but wait. I did speak yesterday night when my brother ask me to join him and other cousins for dinner. I was feeling plain lazy and asked him to tapau for me instead. I remember my voice was fine. So the friday nigth drinking and shouting couldn't be the culprit.

So I was back to the drawing board. Shit! Why? I need to know what caused this lost of voice! Suddenly, I remember. It slips my mind earliear on. Now I remember. I did something stupid while waiting for my dinner to come back last night. My friend brought me a pack of nice tidbit from her trip. I took that, while waiting for my brother to bring back the dinner.

It's consist of ikan bilis and peanut fried with dried chili and some sort of leaf. It's nice. I don't know what got into me at that moment. I saw a piece of whole dried chili and thinking to myself. Why not try it? Yes, it was stupid. I put the whole thing into my mouth and start chewing it like chewing a buble gum. Mmm... it's not hot. After chewing for like half a minute, the dried chili, I managed to grind the dried chili into fine dried chili. And swallow that whole damn thing. That was the moment when it start to take effect.

My tongue was like on fire. Fuck!!! I ran to the kitchen and open the fridge. Took a glass and filled it with ribena and some cold water. Gulp it down, and gargle some. The hot sensation was gone, but not for long! The moment, I finnish the whole glass of ribena the burning sensation on my tongue came back. Shit... it's burning like nobody business. Can't really remember, but I think a little tear probably came out from the corner of my eyes.

I gotta think quick, I should take something else. But I can't recall anything that can be used to remove the hot chili effect. Then I remember the few packet on peanuts. I don't know why I remember the peanut, maybe that's the only think I got left in stock. My tongue was still burning like hell. Only after chewing and taking down half a pack of peanut later did the burning sensation disappear. So I guess the peanut work. So guys, next time you have this kind of accident maybe you can try taking peanut. But I can't guarantee that it will work for you. I don't feel like doing the experiment again, maybe not so soon. Until I carry out this stupid experiment again, I can't really confirm if the peanut really help. If you wanna try, please let me know of the result *grin*.

So there goes my stupid experiment with dried chili, it was crazy and I think it's fun. Heehee...