Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Missed my ride

Been a year and more since I last rode my bike :( Eversince I bought the car and promised my boss I won't be riding the bike no more. But I don't think I can keep that promise any longer. Went play golf on Monday morning, and stop by at my cousin place to pick up his golf bag.

The bike has been left there like 6 months already. The road tax is dead, and the engine need a service. I lended it to my cousin when his car had some problem back then. And ever since then, it is being left there because of the dead roadtax and the engine can't be started anymore.

Gonna take a day leave next month to send fella to workshop for servicing and gotta renew the road tax too. Gotta arrange a transport with my cousin for that. Really missed the kick of riding a bike. Don't get the same kind of "kick" from driving my car. In fact when I just got the car, I was bit of disappointed with the pickup. But then I should't expect too much from a 1.5 Auto car in the first place anyhow. bleh.

'Nuff said. Here another set of photos I manage to capture with the Nokia N90 that I "borrow" from office.

Nice view of the lake
Another nice view of the lake. Unfortunately the lotus blossoms might have been "hit" by rain the previous night.
Suppose to be able to see KLCC and KL Tower in the pic on the right. Look at the air that we are breathing in everyday. *sigh*

I didn't have breakfast that morning. And I wallops two plates of rice with my favorite petai ulam with budu and tempoyak during lunch. This morning, I noticed that the jean I was wearing has shrinked. Damn... ^_^