Sunday, December 25, 2005

Live to eat

I felt like the only reason I stay alive today, is to eat.

Woke up at 8:00 a.m. and get ready to drive to my colleague weding lunch banquet in Bahau. I was suppose to pick another three friends on the way there. The last friend to pick up was in Seremban. We were initially suppose to meet up with another colleague for late breakfast in Seremban, but when we finally arrived in Seremban that colleague ffk :(

No worries, the Seremban friend that I picked up brought us to eat the famous Seremban Beef Noodles. We finnish after 11:00 am and head to Bahau. I never been to that place.

It's trunk road all the way from Seremban. It tooks us about 1 hour plus to travel from Seremban to Bahau. The road was not to bad, except for a small stretch with lots of 270 degree turning. Overall it was a fun drive.

Our table was the most noisiest one. I lost count of number of bottle of beer we had comsumed. Should be not less than 12 bottles. Me alone I think took down at least 3-4 bottles. Another colleague took more than 6 bottles and the rest took less than 1 bottle each. It was fun. We even joke with the bride (our colleague) that we are driving there, and we will be taking boat back. *grin*.

Anyway, at four pm we are all done with the lunch and I drove back to KL. I got another dinner appointment with my cousins in Teluk Gong. After drop off the friend in Seremban, I speed back to KL. Unfortunately there was a freak accident some where near Bangi (I heard from another colleague who drove another car) which caused the traffic to almost stalled all the way to Nilai.

I took a detour out from Bandar Baru Nilai and head to the KLIA through the trunk road, and took Kesas back to my office to drop off another two colleague. They left the car there. From there I speed through Kesas and head for Teluk Gong. When I finally arrived, everyone were already there and the food had been ordered.

7 dishes and one hour later, we laps up everything and head back. I travelled 420+ km today, just to fill my bottomless stomach. Burp. Excuse me :-)