Friday, January 06, 2006

Not a Good Week

This is not exactly a good week to start a year 2006 with. First day of supposingly working day, I was down with diarrhea and slight fever. That day, I was lying on the couch watching TV for most part of the day. And of course with the bout of drifting in and out of dreamland. Not exactly a good day, physical and emotional aspect too. I don't even bother to pick the call from my office and not even from my boss, and only call him back after two hours. Hahaa...

On second day, still not feeling too well but gotta drag my sorry arses to office because I have promised the service manager to attend a meeting with a customer. Even until today, my stomach is still pouring down like the rain that has been pouring over Klang Valley today.

Not get much done this week too. The problem with the Doraemon production system is still persist and as stubborn as ever. Ever since after X'mas until today, most of the after working hours I spend working on troubleshooting the problem. Mmm... let see who is more persistence stubborn, the problem or me. I need to get fix before this comming CNY. I don't want to have to worry about it during the festive season, and of course not just me. Not for my fellow colleagues too.

The demo system in Shanghai too, still wasn't up yet and time is catching up.


Snap the picture of KL city skyline this morning from my car. Was somewhere near Jln Ipoh on the way to meet the service manager to go to a business partner office for a meeting.

Seems like this week has just been wasting away attending meetings, not to mentioned the time spend navigating through the hussle-bustler of KL traffic. Like today, I clocked not less than 1/3 of my working hours on the move.

The venue of the meeting was in Wangsa Maju, and I am not familiar with this area. And the funny thing (how else can I describe it without sounding like an insult) is, the Service Manager gonna lead the way this time around.

Ya, the service manager who is famous infamous for the number of times he got lost all. I have not choice. Anyway I had braced for the worst. True enough, we turned into the wrong way just after leaving his place. His was driving his car, and I followed from behind. Anyway, by Malaysian standard we wasn't that late when we finally arrived at the partner office.

After the meeting, we had decided to have lunch before head back to office. For unknown reason, I was exceptionally hungry and it wasn't even noon yet (almost noon though). He suggest we head to a restaurant that serves roast goose. He told me he know how to get there, but don't know how to explain how to get there. So again, I will have to follow him.

Again we turn into wrong way, but this time around not because I follow him. On the way to place, because of the nature of KL traffic we got seperated. Again he turn into the wrong way. I only know roughly the area where the restaurant is, but exactly location. So while I was waiting for him to turn back, I decided to explore around the area and in the process manage to make a turn that get myself stuck in extremely slow flow of traffic.

By the time both of us arrive at the restaurant, it already almost 2 pm. Can you imagine that? I hate to think about how it will be like to be driving to and from office in a couple of months from now, when our office has been relocated into the city. Ya, unfortunately we will need to be relocated into our parent company premise in a couple of months. Better get my bike ready.

The roasted goose was teh good! Two of us, finnish half goose. I told him I am not gonna have dinner anymore tonite after the power lunch. Unfortunately, I was hungry again when I reached home just now. So.... I lied, so... bleh.