Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mount K 2005

This is a series of photos that I snapped during the Mount Kinabalu trip that I made with my buddy August last year, before the conception of this blog.

Just recap and serve as a good reminder for me to get prepare well prepared for second Mount K trip this coming April, and probably third ones in Jun/July.

No. I am not really an avid climber or anything. My buddy who I tagged along during this first trip enjoyed the trip terriblely that he persuaded my boss and few more colleagues to go for this coming April trip, and by default I have to tag along, again!

Well, not that I didn't enjoy this trip. I did, despite the huge amount of suffering that I had gone through. Anyway I deserved it, because I didn't get myself well prepared. In fact the preparation that I had before this first trip was as good as no preparation at all. Lesson learned! Huh... well, we'll see. *Tell self must get prepare, must get prepare!*

Okie enough of the craps. Ops! Sorry, just a second.. The third trip in coming Jun/Jul, again going with this same buddy and his buddy (his was the organizer for this first trip.) They wanted me to join them again, oh boy! They promised me there will be couples of hot chick will go along. Before you guys/gals started to think that I go just because of the hot chicks, let me categorically say that it's not like what you think. Don't believe me? Fine :P Okie, I'll just let the photo do most of the talking from now on. Enjoy!

The journey begin, greeted by Mr. Squirrel :-)

Walking in the cloud

Somewhere in between I tasted the bestest apple EVAR in my life. Carried a couple of apples, few chocolate bars and few packets of power gel. Power gel is my friend.

The pic with the wooden ladder is the only steep small stretch before reaching Laban Rata. Some rock wall to climb too. The peak suddenly sprang into view at the end of the little climb.

Last check point before reaching Laban Rata. If my memory served me right, this is where I eat the second of the bestest apple. From here on, basically dragging my sorry arse and leg up the trails.

After almost 7 hours of suffering, finally reached Laban Rata. Sunset, taken from the balcony of the resthouse's restaurant.

After a chilled-to-the-bone-marrow of 3-4 hours sleep sleepless, continue journey up to the peak. Started the walk around 2am. Sunrise at the peak. I was too slow and late to get a better sunrise pic. Should do better this coming April!

The pics with the sharp pointed tip looks familiar eh? Seen it somewhere before? Yeah, it's on the back of our 1RM notes. Yeah, that's the peak I had got to climb and I was the last person in that batch to reach there. The sharp pointed tip taken from the highest peak.

On the way down from the peak, shit! Never realized the rock we climbed during the dusk is so damn steep. Mission accomplished! Yay!