Sunday, February 19, 2006

Those are the Not-so-innocent and Carefree days

My afinity toward a Memes is pretty weaks. Some are fun to read, and maybe write. The propagating part is the one that really the turn-off for me, which somehow has to be blamed on the chain letters in which it's propagation method is similar way. Those chain latters that in the end asked you to send it to certain number of people or otherwise certain bad luck will befall upon you is the eat shit part.

Anyway, since somehow I managed to make Siao Cha Bor begs me when she asked to plug me into her meme, so I will pretend like I've got no choice but do it. Actually I have to thank her asking me to do this, it brings some fongs memories of those innocent not-so-innocent and carefree years.

1. Name one of the actor of the old days that you missed most
  • Cunt think of any.
2. Name a cartoon of the old days
  • Mikey Mouse (who can forget that).. M.. O.. U.. K.. Eee.. Y... M. O. U. S. E.
  • Scooby Doo... Eaawoo..
  • Road Runners... peet peet... Oh that cayote (it is cayote?) that never learn and indestructible even after being bomb with dynamite
  • Popeye the Sailor man... Pon Pon...
  • Tenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
  • Tom & Jerry.... I tot I saw a puuttyy cat...
Did the question said a cartoon? So what knn, this is my blog I can put as many as I want. :P

3. Name a singer/group of the old days
  • Wings (Malay group)
  • Search (Isabella)
  • Sheila Majid. Still remember her first popular song - Pengemis Muda.
  • Gersang. The group that brought Man Bai, of the Kau Ilham Ku fame.
  • HeadWind. Seha and Zainal Abidin - of the Hijau fame, back then Zainal was the vocal in the group
Yeah, those are the days when I still didn't learn to discriminate against local singers and bands (which was a good thing) and when I was still having a very weak grasp on English language.
  • 王杰(Wang, Chieh Dave). Yeah those sad songs
  • Chyichin (齐秦)
  • Roxxette
  • Modern Talking. Their disco songs are the pwn, and timeless.
  • Belinda Carlie (Heaven Is A Place On Earth)
  • Boy George
  • Micheal Jakson. Poor fella to have such a manipulative adult around him and to have such a fate turn against him
  • Cindy Lauper
  • Wilson Philips
4. Band of the old days
  • Air Supply
  • Wham!
  • Pet Shop Boys
  • Bad English (When I See You Smile)
Some already mentioned in the previous answer.

5. TV series of the old day
  • Man from atlantis
  • Eight is Enough
  • Growing Pains
  • Chips (the two traffic policemen on the bike)
  • The A-Team (Mr. T)
  • Who's The Boss (of course it's for the cute Allysa Millano)
  • Doogie Howser M.D.
  • Wonders Years.
These series were sometimes interjected with some educational and community service reminder. Like do not waste electricity by ironing your handkercief and undies. And the how to use gas stove properly. Always remember the part on how to detect the leaks on the rubber host from the gas tank to the stove. Don't use matches to detact it, use the bubble from the soap.
  • Wrestling & Gusti. Not exactly a TV series, just reminded me of those days when I used to sit on my grandma lap while she watch one of this show. Boy! Sometimes she would get excited and I was almost thrown off her from her laps. It's kind of funny and sweet recalling this.
6. Actress of the old day
  • Brooke Shields
7. Fashion of Old days that you miss the most
  • Sorry... too young to have fashion sense... Heck! even now I have no fashion sense.
8. Movie of old days
  • Drunken Master (well basically most of Jackie Chan earlier movies)
  • King Kong (first movie I watched in cinema big TV)
  • Happy Ghost (the chinese ghost movies)
  • Casper (the friendly ghost)
9. Music Video of old days
  • Cunt recall any of significant. Oh... maybe the Pengemis Muda video clip by Sheila Majid.
10. Coolest song of old days
  • Haven't learn about cools factor back then.

Now the part which I hate. Since I hate it enough, I will not propagate it. So sue me! Here by I declares this blog to be Memes Black Hole. All memes that come into this event horizon zone will never able to get out again, at least not by yours truly.

But since there is another theory that says and might proves that Black Hole isn't that all black after all. So if you are in the same school of thought, you may actually take any memes here on your own volation. All you need to do it just leave a remark in the comment box that you have taken the meme. Thanks!