Friday, February 10, 2006

Ego Thicker than Blood

Is there any more perfect excuse to say stupid thing than being fucked up by alcohol? Just came back from drinking. Four of us and downed one botol of chivas and 2 jugs of beer. The last glass of the beer was awful. I am more of a liqour guy. I am drunk.

Was pretty fucked up proud when one of the colleague was commenting that my tolerance to alcohol is getting higher noadays, stupid fuck shit. Damn blardy ego was playing trick on me, even though I try to admit I was fuckup drunk.

Anyway at least I am drunk, and still can drive my car back home. On the way back saw two blardy idiots who's ego were much more thicker than their blood, and prolly they think it's so think that it can protect their skull. Driving bike without helmet is fucked up stupid idiot.