Monday, February 06, 2006

CNY 2006 Perhentian Trip - Day 1

On 2nd day of first lunar month, did the traditional ancestral worship ritual at home. My dad is the eldest male sibling, so he is the keeper of the ancestors altar, grandma, aunty and cousins came over for the prayer. Together we took an early lunch and head to my grandma house (actually my uncle house) to gather before headed off to Kuala Besut. There was only one boat to carry us to the island, so we had decided to go in two groups to Kuala Besut. Me on the second group.

To leave the house was a bit tricky, or should I say sad :( My grandma is suffering from Alzheimer, and we could not bring her along because neither of her favourite sons want to join us. If either one of these uncle not present when we are at the island, she will surely keep asking about these two uncles, and will pester us to bring her home. We didn't manage to persuade either one of them to join us. So got to leave grandma behind with the third uncle at home. Aunt brought her to kitchen when we were to leave so that she won't be asking to follow us. It pretty sad to see that we have to treat her like a small child now, just like how she took care of us when we were small. *make mental note to dedicate at least one post to her, and another one to my late grandpa too*

Anyway despite waiting for like half an hour after the first group departed only did we departed, the first group was still at the jetty when we arrived. That means we had to wait for another hour for the boat to come back to pick us up. As it turned out, we had to wait for almost one hour and a half. We just lepak at the jetty. bleh.

The weather was good, and the boatman was speeding the boat to caused it to jump on the surface of the water like a horse. I tried to snap a couple of photo but couldn't get myself steady enough and gave up.

We were welcome to the island with blue water and clear sky. We wait no time to check into our room and after having some dumpling that we brought along, change into swim suits. Yeah, we prepare the dumpling on the first day CNY just for this. I managed to show off my noob dumpling wrapping skill to few cousin who "challenged" me to show it to them. Yeay! But then they complaint that I put too much rice, and try to mark the ones that I wrapped so that they will not pick it later. bleh.

Anyway, back to the island. Brought the kiddo to the beach and took a dip into the water. It's time for me to get accustom to the water too, gotta be prepared for the dive tomorrow.

While playing in the water, I had a freak accident. Cut my toes when I tried to stand up and didn't notice there is a big hard coral just below me. The wound was like 5mm deep on the second last toe and the last toe was just skin deep. My toe went numb the moment the coral sliced through it, and I had a feeling that it's a pretty deep cut. Got out from the water but and try to take a look at the cut, but the blood was flowing out and covered both toes. Walked back to the edge of the water to wash away the blood, but the moment I pour water onto it the blood just spurt out again. No point. So I just walked back to the chalet, leaving the rest behind and warned them about the corals and to be careful.

By the time I reached the chalet, the cut was covered in sand which stucked to the wound. Ask if anyone have handyplus, and my aunt went to look for one. In the mean time another cousin said he thought he saw "kapal terbang" scrub somewhere around. This scrub is used as traditional remedy for cut and wound. He went to look for the scrub and got some for me. I wash the wounds with water and crushed the leave with both of my palm then pressed and drip the extracted juice on the wounds. Then my aunt brought me some tisue to dry the blood and handplus to cover the wound. The blood still flowing but at a slower pace. Darn!

Ouch! Just cut a little deeper one chunk of my toe flesh will come off.
Just hope this wound wouldn't get into the way of my dive tomorrow. The pain had not set in yet, my toe were still numb. Normally I'll not wrapped this kind of wound with handyplus, I'll just let it dry and heal just like that. But to avoid any complication during the dive tomorrow, I went against my normal way. Wrapped it up with the handyplus, will take the plaster out after the last dive tomorrow.

Just sit there and waited there till the dinner time. So happen that the restaurant the we are having dinner is facing west, and we manage to see the nice sunset during the dinner. Continue to take in the view of the nice color on the sky during dusk and then went back to room to clean up (ya I didn't take bath since the time I went down for the bath that cut my toes ^_^) and time to unwind and sleep. :-)