Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Watching Bulletin 3 on TV just now with short clip of police came out from a court remind me of what happened last night. Err.. actually this morning. Few colleagues and me was just finnished our "karaoke" session. Maybe not exactly a karaoke after all, at least most of the people go there not for karaoke I guess. Anyway, we were sending one of the hostess back home after the karaoke session.

On the way, there was a police road block. The driver was drunk, or at least will surely failed the alcohol test. In total we gulp down 3 bottles of Black Label and a jug of beer. I am not sure if it's the black label or the mix of beer with the Black Label, I seldom have a hangover. But this morning, I woke up with a big pang on my head. Blardy hang over, what more I still have to go to work, alas not so early. Arrive 10:30 am in office.

Anyway the road block. We only noticed about the block when we were about less than 50 meters away. The driver decide to stop the car by the road side. There's another car infront of us, I guess trying to avoid the block too. After a minutes of thinking and deciding, I volunteer to drive. I didn't take that much alcohol.
I am pretty sure, I was still sober. Just a little bit high maybe, because I gulped down 3/4 of the remaining piss drink in one go before we left.

So there I was, reversed the car and move forward directly into the mouth of tiger. Maybe I was drunk after all. Any sober chap would have knew that the police would had surely saw us and will not let us go easily. And sure enough, we were stopped. I got down from the car. Steadily walked toward the police officer who stopped us, alone. The rest remained in the car.

It went something like this ( not exactly though, I can't remember the exact conversation )

POL1: You know you have just make a big offence?
Mana: I don't know. What is my I did wrong?
POL1: You are running away from ploice block. Do you know that it is a very big serious offend to run away from police road block?
Mana: What the fuck? I am running away, how come I don't know? Is this my body double standing infront of you here?
Of course I didn't say that :P, this is what I said.
Mana: I try to run away from you? If I run away from you I guess I won't be here right now.
POL1: Don't talk so much. Give me you license and I/C.
Mana took out ic and lincense, and pass to police officer politely
POL1: Where are you staying?
POL1: Where are you heading to now?
Mana: Cheras, sending my friend home.
POL1: Nah... blow this.
Mana: puh... puh...
POL1: Blow harder please.
Man: ppuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh........
POL1: You drink?
Mana: Yes sir, I drank. What's my reading?
POL1: 30% *writting my name, and particular on a form and the reading too*
Mana: Did I exceed the allowable limit?
POL1: Why are you trying to run away from us?
Mana: We didn't. My friend feels like puking, I have to stop the car so that he doesn't puke in the car. May I know what is the allowable limit on the alcohol? Did I exceed it?
POL1: You think I am stupid? Trying to run away from police is a very serious offence. Whatever it is you want to know, you ask in balai later.
Mana: What is my offence? If I were to run away, I guess I won't be here right now. I told you I had to stopped the car by the roadside because one of my friend felt like puking.
POL1: You must be kidding. Only infront of police roadblock your friend wanted to puke. What a co-incident. You think I am stupid?
Mana: No sir. Sorry Sir. I know this is your words against mine, and there nothing else I can say if you keep insisting on that. So now, tell me what should I do? Anything I can do?
This moment, the previous driver came out from the car
Driver: What is happening here? I am sorry, I can't speak Malay. How should I address you, err... Encik?.. Ooh.. oh... Tu.. Tuan. Yes Tuan! What is our offense?
POL1 pass my license and IC to another police officer, seems like he pretty pissed off and can't handle us anymore.
Mana: Bang, may I know what is our offense?
POL2: You drink?
Mana: Yes, I drank. But not so much? What is the allowable limit?
Driver: Tuan, my friend didn't drink a lot. We are drunk, I called him to come and pick us up! Because we can't drive, that's why he is driving.
POL2: huh...
Mana: Tell me is there anything I can do?
No response.
Driver: What is our offense? try to talk in his broken malay
POL1: You try to run away from us.
Mana: If we were, we wouldn't be here now would us? explaining to second officer
POL1: Oh... just now don't know Malay. Now you know how to speak malay! even more pissed
Driver: I know a little bit.
Driver: Can you tell me what is our offense? If we really broke the law, please bring us back to balai... putting his hand infront together, chellenging the police office to cuff him. This guy is really drunk, and I was getting worried
POL1: Woi... you don't try to Lansi here with me....
Mana: Sir, what you want us to do now?
POL2: Nvm... you may go.
Mana: Thank you sir.
The turn to POL1, trying to say thank you too... and tap him on his shoulder
POL1: Woi.. you don't need to pretend to be good. Don't need to touch me!

Hahaahaa..... I was starting to laugh in my heart already... and walking away. The Driver cannot help but letting a sly smile on his face and trying to control laughing out loud. The moment we got into the car. Both of us start to laugh! Hahaahaa.... This is really our lucky day. I guess they don't really have any concrete proof to charge us.

Ya... That Dirty-Old-Man was with us too. But all the time he just remain in the car. Only another consultant from the red-dot-under came down to pass me some cash just in case. What happen before that? Well, what should happen in karaoke that provides you with a companion?

The DOM with his antics again, with all the octopus hands. These group of GRO is not as daring as the one DOM brought me when I was down there at the red-dot. All are local, my companion told me mainland ones gone in 2004 when police start to big crack down on them. So now, only locals are around. Hmmm.. guess it's enough for this post. Will give more details in later post, if have any request and if my mood in good.