Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Ride

Yeah, I am in office now. The second to arrive in my team. The moment I step into our section,

colleague: Wah! Straymana you are so early today?
straymana: Ya... heehee

I ride bike to work just now. Yeay! It took me about 20 mins from home to office. With today traffic condition, if I were to drive car at the minimal it will take me about 45 mins. And with the patrol at current price, it more economical for me to ride bike. When I used take one year ago, one full tank can sustains me for a week of travelling. Well with car, it's the same too. One full car tank can sustains me for a week. The only "but" is, at current petrol price one full car tank cost me about RM70+, yet my bike full tank will cost me less than RM25.

The ride was pretty smooth, not too much stunt. The traffic was heavy. Those bike that want to take their sweet time sight seeing, this is my message to you - Use the left lane bugger! Don't hog the right lane if you don't intent to go fast.