Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Sin of Gluttony

What? : I have sinned Father!
When? : Two days ago.
Why? : Many excuses father. Here's the list,
  • Have to head to office at unheavenly hour to clean shit that was left by my team. blardy hell! *sorry father, I just sinned again*
  • Having to hear all the blardy complaints and pestering from a long winded dirty old man.
  • Blardy short circuit which cost me two hours of work! Yes, I didn't manage to save my work. The stupid circuit breaker goes all the way to proof that it work. (Yes!!! I know, this is much better than having my PC fried. But I need to bitch!!! Sue me! )
How? : I saw scb came online when I was rewriting whatever shit that I have lost during the stupic power problem. Having not had my dinner and all alone in office, I only have her to bitch to and asked if she feel like having something once I was done with my work. She react positively, and one hour after that, I reconfirm with her and she was still game for it.

Went to pick her up, and head for her usual mamak joint. Ordered satay, and having the thought of having my stomach empty for three overdue week hours, I ordered 20 - 5 Kambing, and 15 ayam. After having waited for like 15 damned hours minutes, and some bitching to her and saw they delivered a couple plates satay to the next table and having heard all the food story and description from SCB, I decided I can't wait no more.

Served myself a plate full of nasi lemak, and regretably tempted SCB with it by pretending to offered some to her. Who know she still really accepted my offer, even though she already had her dinner like less than 2 hours ago. Nabeh! So, shared some with her. Together, we whacked these two plates full of food.

Had a hard time trying to prevent the food coming out from my mouth and at the same time have to concentrate on the road on my way home. Not forgetting the burping all the way home.