Monday, April 03, 2006

Graveyard shift

If you are coming from Siao Cha Bor blog's and looking for the nasi lemak post, it's here. Thanks you Cha Bor!


Guess where I am right now? It's blardy 1:34 am, and I am in Doraemon vendor's room. All thanks for DongKie for not informing us earlier that, they need us to help to disable a certain feature on the system, while some maintenance work is being carried out by Doraemon.

Got a call from my colleague at 12:00 mid night! Asking me a favour to remotely login to the system to carry out the task. He received a call from DongKie's PM just few minutes earlier, requesting us to help them to handle the task. Unfortunately I failed to login from my home pc into Doraemon network, so I offered to come over to this Doraemon vendor's room to connect directly into the system and carry out the task. Nope, I am not so kind to offer it to DongKie PM, I am offering it to our Service and Support Manager to do that, since he is quite far away. As for me, my place is about 15 mins. drive away.
And here I am still sitting and waiting for them to give go ahead to turn off the feature, and then wait for another instruction for it to be turn back on and go home. bleh!


Earlier I went to OneU, to shop for pant, power gel and other stuff for my Mt. Kinabalu trip, to happen in two weeks time. Taking the opportunity to use the MPH voucher that I've got for the puchases I made with MPH Card for the second half of last year. I ended up with five books. Two for my department, and three for myself. Yeah!

It was about 9:15pm when I came out from MPH. I notice my hand was trembling, while I was signing the credit card purchase for the books. A telltale sign of low blood sugar level. Through out the day, I didn't have any proper meal. Let's see. I had a corn flakes with milk for brunch, and some pulut pagi (glutonious rice) after I came back from the driving range at 4pm. The pulut pagi was made by my auntie, and brough back by brother. Blardy good food! Alas too little to really be filling enough.

Talking about driving range, I manage to hit the 200 meters mark today. Yeah! Still very far if to compare with the regular distance of hit by Tiger Woods. I don't care if Tiger Woods can hit till the moon, I am competing against myself, so I am still glad. Yeah!

Back to the OneU story, I headed to KFC for my dinner and ordered the only decent meal for the day. That's the good thing about being single and alone. Eat what I want, and don't have to think so hard for not wanting to disappoint the other half about my choice for food which may not be thing that she like. Even if I was to eat with both hands and drop the food on my shirt and pant while eating, there won't be someone to remind me that I am such a disgrace to her, for eating like a children.

I picked a seat that facing the main pathway, so that I can wash my eyes observe the peeps walking along and shop at the opposites Guardian store. Nothing interesting. Untill a minute before I left. There was this couple, with a small kid, maybe not older than three years old, and with a maid too. They came in, and pick a table in front of me. The mom and dad went to the counter to buy some food, and left the maid to take care of the small kid.

When the mom and dad, came back with food for them and the kid they pick the seats which is a further away from the kid and the maid. I am not sure if it's just me or what, but it make me think they don't love their kid so much, and their body langague speaks of how the kid is such a burden to them. Of the five minutes or so that I was there, they are like just turned to look at their kid not more than three times. All they did was to passed some food over to the maid, and the maid was feeding their kid.

I believe both of them are working mother and father. Very busy throughout the weekdays, and surely the son is left with the maid too during the weekdays. Maybe the working presure and stress got better of them, and all they want to do during weekend is to have some time for themselves to chill out and do some shopping, and with the maid help, keeps the son out of the way too. I might be wrong, or over analyse the situation. It may not be fair for me to jump to this conclusion, which is based just on the the short duration when a brief moment of my being and observation intersected with their presence. I seriously hope I that had jump to the wrong conclusion.

It got me thinking, if my inference is right (god forbid), is this the price we need to pay for a modern break-neck-pace sort of career and life? Or we are just too happy and conveniently use this excuse when it seems fitting and relieves ourselves from the guilt?