Saturday, April 01, 2006

Alcohol - In Perspective to Natural Selection

This is my first attempt in this blog to write something that hopefully will make you all think I am a blardy smartass bloke.

In instant society where everyone is seeking for instant gratification, instant orgasm, instant noodle and everyone wanna be an instant millionaire, instant Pop artist and whatever instant what you can think of, I would like to introduce another Instant. Yup Instant Natural Selection. What the f*ck is that? Read on...

If you have never read or come across Natural Selection, please read about it here. I guess not many will even attempt to click on that link, you lazy arses! Anyway being the kind person that I am (another layer of skin just grow on my face), for your benefit let me surmise what this Natural Selection if is all about.

This principle was first used by Charles Robert Darwin, a British naturalist, as an explanation for the origin of species which some argue helps show that God is unnecessary. Don't imagine him to be in nude in public, please! He is not one of those naturist who advocates public/social nudity, his is a naturalist, and more importantly if you have seen his picture I don't think you will regret having that thought.

Darwin defined Natural selection as the "principle, by which each slight variation [of a trait], if useful, is preserved." Individuals best adapted to their environments are more likely to survive and reproduce. Over a long period of time, individuals resulting from this natural selection process inherit the best genetic traits.

Take a herds of buffalos as an example. The weakest buffaloes will be easy target and meal of predator like lion and tiger. Don't ask me why they are easy target! Even a three years old kid (yes, kids nowadays are very smart - not like me). The weak buffalo normally has lesser genetic traits, and their elimination from the heard will ensure weak gene will not be inherited by the offspring of the herds. Thus, over the time ensure the herd has the a pool of best genetic and grow stronger.

What is this got anything to do with alcohol you may ask. Be patient my son, I am coming to that now.

Now, we all know alcohol will inflict some damage to cells in our body, especially the brain cells. Do you see the analogy? Yes, very clever! Our brain cell is comparable to the buffalo, and the alcohol is like lion or tiger which kill our brain cell.

Yes! Without the alcohol the process of elimination of weak brain cell does take place naturally. Unfortunately, natural process take a long period of time to take place and complete. Why wait till you are old to be smart?

Now, do you see how alcohol can help make you an instant smart ass like me?