Saturday, July 08, 2006


It has been a long hiatus. As a small mortal, I would blame it on the busy schedule at work, yeah it's never because of my faults/weakness :P This remind me of question I read somewhere, "If you are so busy, how come you still have time to breath?", or something along that line. I am never good at remember qoute.
Anyway, the obvious answer to that question is because breathing is much more important to whatever that I has been busy with. So the obvious answer to why this long hiatus is it is much important than what I has been doing.
It's less important than sleep.
It's less important than work (that feed me).
It's less important than ocassional TV watching (ya ya... there nothing much there, still it allow me to get some entertainment while I can be in my almost vegetative state.)
It's less important than bozzing (been on occassional bozzing mini-marathon, which ran for one week straight at times. crazy)
It's much less important than a few trips to foreign lands.
It's much less important than eating and shitting.

Enough of kok talking for now. Bye!