Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I've got back from my second climb to Mt. Kinabalu two days ago. Got a news that my friend has been transferred from Intensive Care Unit to High Dependency Unit, which means her condition has improved. Though she has not fully awake, she opened her eyes and blinks a few times when I was talking to her dad by her bedside, when I visited her yesterday evening. While I was there, the nurse took her temperature and notice a slight fever, nothing to be alarmed though. Overall her condition is stable.

I was trying to imagine how would it feels to be in her condition, trying to feel how she feels like. I was having some fever myself too, yesterday. If it wasn't because of some urgent matter which I thought can be finnished by 3-4pm, I would have been lying in bed at home and would not have visited her.

The fever started the night I was sleeping at Raban Rata, the rain on the way up the mountain and the heater at it full blast at the foot of the bed most probably contribute to my fever. The heavy rain on the way down from Raban Rata all the way to the Timpohon Gate doesn't help and added salt to the wound. The fever persisted for three days, until last night.

I was having fever, and aching all over my body and four limbs was thinking to myself I am suffering enough, yet I think what I have endured wasn't even a quater of what she has been fighting against. Not even if I add up all that I had endure through out the climb to the summit (with fever, and panting for air).

In one hand human live, or any other animated live forms are very fragile. Our physical body is very fragile. Yet the other hand, there is nothing more sturdy and hardy than human determination and spirit, on the surface of this planet. My friend, I believe you determination and spirit are strong. It will just be a matter of time before you wake up. I'll pray for you smooth and gradual recovery. Never to give up!

* * *

The night (or rather morning) that my friend collapsed and was admitted to hospital, I have to leave for a business trip oversea. I left the hospital at about 4-5am, I have to catch the 9am flight and had to check in by 7am. I went back to take a bath and picked up my luggage. Then pickup a colleague and parked my car at my office. Four days later, when I came back and tried to start my car, my car battery was flat.

I have to take cab back and jump started my car the next day. Then I notice, the door indicator light dimly lighted even though I have closed all the doors. I guessed there might be some wiring problem with the car, but I don't have time to send the car for inspection because it already friday and on the Sunday I have to make another business trip oversea again, this time for three days. With the battery problem, I leave the car at home. But for the KK trip, just came back from the oversea trip, the time was too rush, so I have to drive my car to my office again to meet up with the rest of gang the next morning. Sure enough, I had to jump started my car again when I was back from KK.

Yet, yesterday when I was driving to hospital I notice the indicator light has fixed itself, back to normal. I don't know how. There is a miracle, I guess. Not everything has logical explaination. But if there is to be an explaination, I would like to believe there is a mysterious force which for unknown reason extract the energy from my car battery to channel a healing energy to my friend. Now that, she is much more stable, and can heal on her own, my car battery is no longer require. Yes, I know this sounds stupid. So sue me!