Saturday, July 29, 2006

I'm not drunk

yes, I am not drunk. I'm pissed drunk. Been a while, maybe a month since I'm this drunk. Well, a month is long in my boring, and good for nothing life okie. After three towers of beers, it's a miracle that I can still drive home... and it's a miracle that I am still able to type this. Well, there was like if collected the remains from the unfinished piss beers, maybe 1/2 a jug left when we left Mojo.

There was four of us. According to one of the captain, one tower is equavalent to 3 jugs. The way I look at it it's probably only 2 1/2 jugs. So minus the 1/2 remaining jugs, on everage we each gulped down like 1 1/5 at the very least.

Taking into consideration that I lost at least 4 out of 5 games of pools, and each time I lost I gotta gulped down 1/2. So at the very least I gulped down like 1 1/2 jugs (including the 1 jug that I probably downed before the pool game started).

I'm not drunk....